"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


True Stories:

-I have the highest free-throw average of all the girls in my gym class. Seriously. 50%.

-I just made a Bio test my bitch... only I wish Alex was at school today so I could tell her... because we definitely (ab)use that expression way too much. Only, no, she is sick, and that makes me sad. Le sigh.

-My dad thinks that me and my algebra-deficient self are going to hike it over to NWTC for college.

-I shop at the Red Fancy Market.

-Actual conversations:

Allison (I think): Is Mr. Schultz's baby a boy or a girl?
Mrs. Campbell: Yes...

Mrs. Campbell: Well, you know how when you have a heart attack, you can only feel it in one shoulder?
Me: Yeah, that happens to me allll the time.

-George calls bolding text "a special effect."


Harrrrrrr. The past few days.

Hmmm. The past few days have pretty much been the usual. I have had a pirate noise stuck in my head all day.

We made a fun cooking video for French. There is a lot of mixing. And after that, not much cooking. A lot of making-fun-of-Mademichelle, random shots of Pencil Case, me reciting the Gettysburg Address, Chelsea's impression of Rainbow Brite, and a full minute of us saying "forevaeva." Mostly, Madame just laughs at us, and wonders why we let Pencil Case use a knife, especially in the few shots when it's dangerously close to Jill's hand. But it's really all in good fun. Squawky nitpickers aren't, but what are you gonna do.

Stary said poop a lot of times in English today. Chelsea laughed really hard. I told Erik that he has verbal diarrhea, and it is true. Chelsea laughed really hard. I'm sure other things happened, and I'm also sure Chelsea laughed really hard at those, too.

History class is the usual. Obscene and ridiculous stories. Even obscener and ridiculouser bizarre and random similarities between Mrs. Campbell and me. Except that I don't have a crazy 90s-mom driver's liscence picture or a crazy Jennifer-Wilbanks-in-overalls Sam's Club card picture. (For the record. I do have Jennifer Wilbanks pictures, just not in overalls. My god.) Oh, and if you want to hear the most Caucasian thing ever, ask her to sing "No Scrubs" for you sometime. "Trying to holler at me!" Oh, and Jacob keeps sending me notes as the Phantom of the History Class and thinking I won't find out it's him... even when I see him writing the notes.

Hmmm. Today in Geo/Trig, Kathleen asked Havi, "Mr. Havi, do you ever get the giggles?" He just looked at her for a brief moment and then sighed, "No, I don't think so, Kathleen." Oh. And we could hear Jacob screaming from French class. But we don't usually go a day or two without hearing random screaming from French class, so, you know, that wasn't unusual.

So, Happy New Year's, kids. My birthday is four weeks from Saturday. I turn sixteen, so buy me presents.