"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


My friends are deranged.

Hmmm. So I felt as if I should probably blog about last night. I am trying to think of a word to sum it up, and everything I think of is pretty much synonymous with "insane." Alex, Chels, and Jacob came over to my house, followed by a late Pencil Case. Oh, and Sheebz (formerly Sheebs) and Mr. Sheebz and Ricky, of course.

First, we played a rousing game of Karaoke Revolution, which Alex kindly brought. I managed to get a perfect score on "I Love Rock and Roll". Which is not a hard song, so it wasn't much of an accomplishment... but then Alex and Jacob got determined to beat me, and they were nowhere close. Sheebs (she was still Sheebs at this point) decided to partake in the fun, and when I was helping her build her character, I accidentally wrote "Sheebz" and it stuck. ...And Jacob's character was a showgirl. Question mark. Alex and Sheebz made fun of Fr. Larry while I was trying to sing "Dust in the Wind" and I probably got the worst score ever because I was laughing the entire time. Because Alex and Sheebz trying to do the Fr. Larry face is just funny. Oh, and Alex murders flamingo cookies and so Sheebz makes fun of her by also making fun of the mentally handicapped. I'm so glad I have such a politically correct mom.

Then Pencil Case arrived and was quite disturbed by Jacob's character being a showgirl. We quit Karaoke shortly afterward (well, we all left for food while Chels was singing "Crazy in Love" and she didn't notice for about a full two minutes) and moved onto the best game of all time, Beyond Balderdash. That is a thoroughly magnificent game, let me tell you. We don't even play for points, we just play to laugh. Here are the best answers:

"The Nasty Rabbit: Bugs Bunny's first on-screen three way with Daisy Duck and Roger Rabbit." -Jacob

"The Nasty Rabbit: Tales of a kinky rabbit in a land of candy and shortcake." -Chelsea

"The Nasty Rabbit: Pimp bunny Mr. Nasty... (that is all I remember because we were laughing so hard by that point.)" -Sheebz

"E.W. Flosdorff: Helped save African children from potechers." (This one is written exactly how it is on the card. Potechers means "poachers.") -Chels

"G.A.T.F.: Gay America Tittilates France." -Jacob

Yes. Then Chels and Jacob went to play video games with Ricky as we all moved onto a very fun game called Imaginiff. The whole time we played, we could hear Jacob screaming profanities and getting mad from the den. Then Jacob came back to play Imaginiff. He declared that he thinks Chels and Ricky were flirting in there, then he decided that if Sheebz were a magazine, she would be a cross between Playboy and Vogue. Because that wasn't disturbing at all.

After Imaginiff, which I won, Jacob decided to put on a show for us. First, he put slices of sausage with holes cut in the middles over his eyes. Then Alex said, "I will eat a dog treat if you pay me two dollars!" We laughed at her. Then she and Jacob actually did eat dog treats... except Jacob covered his with cheese, sausage, and... frosting. Frosting! I thought I was going to vomit.

Anyway, Chels finally came to join us to see what we were laughing about for the last half hour. She came just in time to witness Jacob making art with napkins and scissors. The art, for the record, included a napkin G-string.

All in all, it was a very insane night, and Chels and Pencil Case have pictures that probably explain it much better than I did.


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