"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"Like, wicked sick? Like, super sweet?"

Today was a very fun day. We had an early dismissal in school and it snowed the whole day. Which led to a whole lot of "Bay Port's out."

Mr. H: It's true, though, Bay Port really does get out more than we do... I've read studies.

During fourth hour, it was announced that Pulaski kids would get to go home at 12:15 instead of 1:23 like the rest of us. Go Pulaski kids. There were also a whole slew of activity cancellations, including Coffee With the Principal at 7:00 tonight.

Mrs. Campbell: Who the hell drinks coffee at seven at night?

Good question. Other Mrs. Campbell events of the day involved imitation crab meat ("Mr. Brooker calls these crab roll-ups... 'cuz you can unroll them!") and a very sisterly fake-fight about otters.

The high point of the day was, however, English class. We were quite rowdy. Including Stary, who felt the need to walk on the tables and make flailing/screaming expressions at Allison... ohhhhkay.

Erik: The Boogeyman!
Stary: Shut. Up. Erik.

Me, about Pearl: Pearl is seven. She doesn't have a bosom.

Chelsea: We talk about sex a lot in this class.
Stary: Not as much as you do in theology.
Chelsea: Yeah, but in my class, we only talk about Catholic sex.
Me: Catholic sex? What the hell, Chels?!
Stary: Well, in this class we talk about Catholic sex and Puritan sex. Well... Puritan sex isn't really sex. It's like, they're sitting across the room from each other, and the husband looks up from his paper and yells, "Screw you!" and the wife yells, "Screw you, too!"
Chelsea: That is stupid. Puritans had to have had sex. It's not like they were like, "Oh, screw you!" and then a stork came with a baby.

I honestly can't remember a single thing that happened in French today. I think we took a quiz and then just did whatever the rest of the time. Comp Lit is also a big blur but when is it not.

Alex and I went Christmas shopping after school today. It was a very, very enjoyable time. Alex had a wide variety of blonde moments and insisted on paying exact change for everything. Which meant that she had to do things like borrow $0.44 from me. What?! And then there were a wide variety of randomness conversations that were HILARIOUS that honestly would not be understood by anyone else. And there were randomness phone calls from Pencil Case that were also a good time.


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