"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


I'm back.

For real this time! I now have the capability of typing with both my hands. Wow- an amazing feat, really. (That was sarcasm.)

Today was a pretty interesting day. Lots of crazy stories which I: a) don't know how to appropriately comment upon and b) don't really want to comment upon because that is what the people who do these sorts of things are looking for. But today was a pretty entertaining day.

Bio review game was totally out of control. I love that my team lost to, um, Joe's team. We felt highly stupid. And we were really an obnoxious class on the whole today, not just the same few people.

Geo/Trig was pretty boring, but I actually understand what we are doing, even if it takes about eighty steps just to solve a single problem.

History was its usual out of control self.

Jackie: What do Baptists do at parties, anyway?
Mrs. Campbell: Um... I don't know. Pray? Baptize people?

[Mark does something crazy.]
Mrs. Campbell: Mark, don't. That was... [thinks for a word]... disturbing.

[After Erik's rant about "bastille".]
Mrs. Campbell: I took Spanish for four years in high school, but the only thing I remember how to say is "young lady, get that gum out of your mouth!" because that was the only thing ever said to me in that class. And I never quite understood how to say "can I...?" or "can I go to...?" so my way of asking to go to the bathroom was "Donde esta el banyo, por favore?" They probably thought I was really stupid... I speak sign language too. And I speak mime.

Theology is the most uncomfortable thing in the world. I hate talking about sex. I don't want to talk about sex with, oh, anyone in that class. It is ridiculous.

Lunch, Pencil Case made me almost vomit by hacking up some gross dry-mucus-y thing. I gagged. Then he smelled it and tried to get me to do the same. I gagged again.

English class was fun. We talked about public punishment, stupid criminals, and even The Scarlet Letter for a bit. I think the new strategy is to start us off on something that seems off-topic and then relate it to what is the topic, because otherwise we get crazy pretty quickly.

Stary: It was like how you can find out if any sex offenders live in your area now... so you know not to let your children walk home with them. The people knew Hester was an adulteress, and so they knew she was a danger to their husbands.

(Or something like that. I know I worded that wrong, but you get the gist.)

French test was kind of okay. It was all grammar, so I didn't really mind it, but it was very long. I mean, I spent longer on that test than I spent on either one of my exams last year. That is kind of crazy. But I didn't think it was a bad test. Plus, finishing it today means I get free time tomorrow, which is fun.

Comp Lit is such a ridiculous class. She now doesn't let me go work on other things when I'm done, she makes me work ahead in the book. Whatever. I actually just look at crazy pictures from school functions that you can find in your files and watch Pencil Case's psychotic Power Point presentations.

After school today was quite entertaining. Alex is insane and we laugh at things nobody else understands. And Vicky and Krista are hilarious.

Alex: What does she look like? I want to go see this slut woman.
Me: Um... okay, Alex. You go look for sluts. Because that doesn't sound awkward at all.
[Another of those things nobody understands.]

Krista, making fun of random kids who were throwing around a ball made of masking tape: Yep, I like to spend my free time throwing a ball made of masking tape.


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