"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Fifty Cents and His Homies

Today was insane, I won't lie.

Today in Bio, our TriBond question was "Dart, stairwell, and airline." And someone seriously said "Unicorns!!"... what?!

Geo/Trig is just ridiculous. I can't even remember half of the bizarre things Mr. H says because they are too weird to even stick to my brain. However, this event, which both Pencil Case and Jackie told me about, occurred across the hall:

Pencil Case is making Jackie and Estufa play Jeopardy. There are crazy categories, including VMAs.

Pencil Case: Who hosted the 1999 VMAs?
Estufa: Fifty Cents and his homies.
Jackie: [hysterical laughter.]

History class involved me hitting Jessi in the face with my hair, Jacob being pregnant, and the BEST STORY EVER, so it wasn't really all that different than usual.

Me: I am terrified of marine life.
Mrs. Campbell: Me too--- I hate fish. I actually have a story about why I hate fish!!
Me: Really? Tell me!
Mrs. Campbell: Well, it was Senior Skip Day, which wasn't really that much of a skip day because it was approved by the school. So, anyway, we went to the beach and carp were spawning in the water. But I wanted to swim, so I decided that a good way to clear out the water would be to throw a big rock in there. So I took a little boulder, and I tossed it in, and I hit one in the head.
Me: Oh no. You killed ANOTHER fish?
Mrs. Campbell: Well, first he jumped out of the water and he came at me!! He was out to get me. He went like this: [flaps her hands and makes crazy insane seething noises with the most ridiculous face ever.] And then he dropped dead. The whole thing probably was less than five seconds, but it just felt like forever. It was honestly the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me.

Yes. Theology class involved an intense debate. I loooove fighting with Tan Pants, especially when I'm right.

English was insane. Stary wore a kilt and we all laughed.

Stary: My brother hit me in the head with a croquet mallet when I was ten.
[combination of laughter/bafflement/shock from the class]

French was pretty entertaining. Liz came and visited!!! And we get to do a very fun project which I am rather excited about. We had a large conversation about how we're all going to Hell.

Madame: It will be fun, I'll see you all there and we can continue your French studies.

We go to a Catholic school? What what?

After school was just a highly hilarious conversation with Kelly G-Funk, none of which can be repeated because it was insane. Pencil Case and I wrote each other referrals, which was pretty entertaining. So, even though we didn't get a snow day, it was a good day nonetheless.


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