"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"Do you think Oprah should be President? I do!" -Jacob's note to me

So. Today was a very sad day, because it was devoid of Pencil Caseness. But it was also a happy day because I am done with my elbow so now Jacob is getting my sling. I am quite certain it is going on a strange sort of shrine in his basement, one that involves Celine Dion, Mrs. Campbell, and me... but that is just my theory. I should probably stop making fun of him, considering that it was my idea to lock him outside in the cold... but that is a later story.

Today in Geo/Trig, Mr. H forgot how to say "function." So it came out "fucktion." Which was, um... interesting. Alyssa and I had quite the laugh.

History was the usual randomness. Mark walked in with his pants as low as ever. And he had a belt on them.

Mrs. Campbell: Mark, you look stupid. Pull up your pants.
Mark: Can I go to the bathroom?
Mrs. Campbell: Mark... you don't need to go to the bathroom to pull your pants up and tighten your belt.
Mark: Well, sometimes stuff gets in the way.
Mrs. Campbell, at a loss for appropriate words: Mark. Sit down!

Mrs. Campbell, reflecting on this event later: When he said "Sometimes stuff gets in the way", I was so tempted to say, "I think you give yourself too much credit." But I decided not to.

Theology is insane. We do the bizarrest worksheets ever, it is official. Do I really need to know how sixteen different people in my life would feel if I got pregnant? Noooo. And I think it is a little silly to put God's point of view on a worksheet. We can't possibly know that.

Lunch was a joyous time as usual. As I was chatting with Mrs. Campbell and the rest of the fun Atrium people about the strange Marky-pants incident, Jacob flitted by. After we made the same humorous remark at the same time, Jacob went outside to talk to someone's mom. And we didn't let him back in. So he pounded on the door, called us "evil witches" and gave us the double finger. Finally we let him back in, but only because we were clearly not of sound mind as we were completely overcome with laughter. (This was all my idea. Clearly, certain people bring out all the good evil ideas in me.)

English was quite funny. Chelsea and George are siblings now...? And Stary stole Chelsea's money. Then Erik managed to get Chelsea's notebook taken away but refused to believe that it was his fault when it clearly was. For someone so smart, he can really be stupid. The walk to French was highly amusing, too.

French was insane. Apparently I have to find Madame a good fake black Chanel or a good fake Burberry over the summer. She and I seriously spent ten minutes chatting about fake purses. This is why she is amazing at life. And we learned Le Futur, which I forgot that we didn't learn already. I don't know. And we talked about the evil stupid Fire Codes which are making us completely devoid of happy decor.

And... um... Comp Lit was not only awful but Pencil Case-less. Sigh.


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also terrified of marine life
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