"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"All I want for Christmas is peace and quiet..."

So. My life is very fun, I would have to admit. Even with the eighty five quizzes/tests I took today and the eighty five more I have to take tomorrow. I know, it's exaggeration, shut up--- and, also, I know that if they're that bad I should be studying and not Blogging. They aren't that bad. Just a big pain.

Hmmm. I'm not even sure why today was so good. Bio, we watched Gattaca-- also known as the most awful movie alive. There are dirty words in it, too. I don't think we should be hearing those words, especially not in Biology class, and especially not more than once. I mean, the only word we ever really hear multiple times in that class is "okay."

Boy do I hate the way TV dinners smell.

Anyway, Geo/Trig was the usual. Havi is just full of random noises lately, and Kathleen just replies every time with the Nasal Laugh and that causes all of us to laugh. Anyway, I wish I had a seat that allowed me better conversations.

History was Jeopardy, and can I just say that my team dominated? I mean, I was a bit worried at first, that this would be my first test sans candy. But no, it was not, because we definitely won, even with the presence of some people who are notorious for raising their hands when they do not know the answer. So it was pretty exciting. Oh, and Mrs. Campbell and I are going to wear the same outfit someday. It will be different from all those other days when we wear the same outfit, because it will actually be planned, yeah. In the immortal words of J.C., "We are such twins!! Seriously--- we're the best twins ever!"

Theology, we took a quiz. It was probably obscene. I can't remember. Afterward, I went up to my locker to get study materials and even more tinsel fell out on me. Pencil Case is pretty cool.

English test was fun. Oh my god. I love writing essays, I can't lie, especially with Scarlet Letter because it allows a lot of sarcasm. A lot.

French was HIGHLY entertainings. We did dialogues and highly random conversations.

Madame: Your dialogue was very good. However, I still don't understand that thing about a fire in the microwave...
Pencil Case: What are you talking about? I never said anything about a fire, just a microwave oven.
Madame: Ohhhhh. Well, the way you pronounced it... it sounded like "fire."

Chelsea: Brianna is an onion and I am pot.
Madame: A pot?
Chelsea: Yeah. A pot. Not like, [makes a smoking gesture] pot-pot.

Pencil Case: So, Madame, what do you want for Christmas?
Madame: Peace and quiet!
[Mike makes a fart noise and we all crack up.]

Pencil Case: Can you imagine Brianna as a boy?
Jill: Flamboyantly gay?!

In Comp Lit, we watched You've Got Mail for those of us who had nothing better to do or were choosing to procrastinate. Mrs. Night Vision, however, insists that it should be "We've Got Mail." Um. Yes.

The Drama Club Christmas party was very enjoyable. First, we had the car ride, which was a grand time with Pencil Case, Liz, Johanna, Maddy, MacKenzie, and myself. Pencil Case told us about Martha Moxley. MacKenzie and I have large amounts of anger toward the song-turned-into-a-book-turned-into-a-movie "Christmas Shoes." Pencil Case says it makes him sad because it makes him "think about Mary... with no shoes... meeting Jesus." Then we went to a gas station. We thought about talking in Gibberish the whole time but did not. I bought the sickest, cheapest gum ever.

The party itself was amazing. Let me just list moments--
-massaging Jacob's back by walking on it
-telling ridiculous and obscene stories
-playing Apples to Apples with Rachel, Maria, Liz, Bridget, Charlie, and Kelly G-Funk... most ridiculous answers EVER
-Jacob checking himself out being pregnant in the bathroom mirror with the door open. Stary and I are looking and laughing, and he looks up, makes a shocked face, and slams the door closed. Verrrry funny.

Yes. It was all very enjoyable. But now I have to study... or something.


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