"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Pencil Case Demeans Me. True Story.

Oh gosh, twenty-six minute classes are my favorite. Seriously. Today was great fun.

During Bio, I employed the "okay" tally that Angelina told me about. And, in twenty-six minutes, that word was uttered thirty-two times. What?! Then there was the craziness of the test tube experiment.

Basically, we had test tubes that had Some Random Chemical Name Red in them. And we had to blow into them with a straw to get carbon dioxide into there. Except that someone sucked it up through the straw... oh dear god. It was really funny.

Theology is so obscene. Literally, obscene. Sophomore Theology = Sophomore Sex Talk. Really.

Lunch was pretty amazing. I love people. And people trying to work walkie-talkies. And people making fun of people trying to work walkie-talkies. And that at least five people were shocked and awed to see me in a skirt... ohhhkay.

Pencil Case: So, Fr. Dane, can you do an Irish jig?
Fr. Dane: No, but Kellie can! Will you do one for us, Kellie?
Me: Fiiiine.
[Does a little bit of a jig from Irish dance lessons as Adult Hermione, who is the choreographer for our musical and Swing Choir, walks by.]
Adult Hermione, shouting from down the hall: GOOD JOB KELLIE!
[I am mortified.]

Geo/Trig... I'm not sure. I was in Student Services working on something the whole time. I love Student Services, though. For sure.

History was more ridiculous review time. It wasn't quite as ridiculous as yetserday, which involved:

-Tony finally talking by yelling "you're a racist" and being told immediately to shut up

-drinks of water and Anna tripping

-overexcited people

-Alyssa spoiling all the fun. "Why don't you just tell my kids that Santa isn't real, Alyssa?"

-Jacob thinking there were eleven states when the Constitution was written. Then he thought there were thirty-four.

Anyway. Today just pretty much involved: Alyssa and I laughing at nothing and Mrs. Campbell having no counting skills. "4, 8, 6... nice job!"

English is amazing.

Me, upon noticing that I got the left-handed desk: Ugggggh. Slut desk.
Stary: Kellie, I am in this room all day, and not once have I seen that desk involved in sexual relations.

The rest of class involved deep thoughts from most everyone, and humorous thoughts from Chelsea.

Chelsea: They never show you what goes wrong with plastic surgery on all those shows.
Stary: Yeah. You can't just paste a nose back on.
Chelsea: You can't glue manhood back on either.

French was exciting. We all talk at once all the time and Madame, who had a break from that, isn't really used to it at all. She and I have the same size hands, too. Which is amazing, because no one has hands that small.

Madame, seven thousand times: Use your inner voices!
[Does she mean inside voices? I don't know. I do not know.]

Comp Lit, we had the CRAZIEST sub. I am not even joking, my lovely readers. This is a true story. None of it is made up.

[I am reading a music magazine since I have nothing better to do in that class.]
Pencil Case: Kellie! [snaps his fingers]
Craziest Sub Ever: Did you just come when he called you?
Me: Well... yes.
Craziest Sub Ever: Wow. That's really demeaning to a woman.
Pencil Case and I, at the same time: What?!!? We're best friends!
Craziest Sub Ever: But still. [Walks away. Pencil Case and I crack up as quietly as possible, which is not quietly at all.]

Play starts tonight!! 7:30!! Come!


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