"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"Well... I think we all know what the title of the blog entry is going to be today."

Today was quite fun. We have an Intramural Volleyball game tonight, which I'm sure will be profoundly exciting... and Pencil Case's birthday is tomorrow. So be sure to sing him "Happy Birthday" or "Feliz Cumpleanos" or "Bon Anniversaire", with or without the "Scooby Doo" part.

We got tests back in Bio today. That class is ridiculous. Dan got 100 and Joe saw and, of course, had to blurt it out to everyone.

Joe: WHOA! Way to go, Danny! [kidding:] You probably cheated off my paper, didn't you?
Mrs. Mayer: Somehow, I doubt that.

Geo/Trig station review is amazing. Alyssa and Erik are the best partners ever. We are officially amazing and doing the least possible amount of work to win.

History is my favorite.

Mrs. Campbell: Well, to get off the subject, which I always do and I know that I always do because you guys tell me that I do... I was getting my hair cut a while ago, and, sometimes the guy who cuts my hair is too honest with me. I asked him, "Do you think if I go too blonde it will make me look old?" and I kind of wrinkled my forehead, like this [demonstrates.] And he said, "No, but if you keep making that face, you will."

Mrs. Campbell: They thought that the American people were stupid. And you know what? They were right.

Anna: What was the average death age in that time?
Everyone: Death age? What are you talking about?
Anna: Life expectacy... ecstacy... expense... no. Expectancy.

We watched a very creepy video in theology. Apparently there are companies devoted to collecting information for every consumer in America. Whhhhhat. That is freaky.

Lunch is crazy.

Chelsea: Mr. Brooker, can I call you Jamal?
Brooker: Well... as long as other people aren't around, sure.
Chelsea: That is cool. I'm Shaniqua.
Me: And I'm Shanaynay.

Mrs. Campbell: Yeah... my sister got married over the summer, and she refused to take her husband's last name for a while. She was all, "It dates back to when men owned their wives, like they were property." And I said, "Ohhh my god. It doesn't mean that any more. Just take his name." So a few days later, she called me and said, "I'm taking his name." And I said, "Oh, that's great!" And she said, "But I just wanted you to know... I'm also changing my first name to Shaniqua."

Mrs. Campbell, to Chelsea who is hobbling around on crazy-big crutches that aren't even hers: Chelsea, did you eat paste as a child?
Chelsea: No... but I ate that yellow stuff that people use to stick up posters.
Me: Poster tacky? Well, I ate snow a lot. But then my mom told me that if I ate too much I would have to get my stomach pumped, so I stopped. [Side note, for my mother: I am really sorry if this never happened. I remember it vividly but it could be one of those vivid memories I have of things that never happened.]
Mrs. Campbell: I always ate sidewalk salt in the winter. I would just pick it up and eat it. It was pretty good.

Anyway. I don't even know where to start with English class.
1. Everyone in that class has ADD.
2. I got called "pregnant crack ho" yet again.
3. Kids like to hide porn pictures in the back cabinets.

Stary: Oh my god. Why do you all have ADD today? Is it in the air? Is ADD a communicable disease now!?


[Chelsey is laughing, shocked.]
Stary: Are you okay?
Chelsey: Yeah... there's just... something back here.
Stary: Something?
Chelsea: Something... dirty.
[Stary goes and looks at the piece of paper that is sticking just a little bit out of the cabinet. Some crafty little miscreant stuck a porn picture back there. He seizes it and folds it so we can't see it and puts it under the Kilroy paperweight. About five minutes of giggling and babbling takes place and Stary tries to get us to do the impossible, focus.]
Caitlin, after the laughter has subsided: Wait-- what was the picture of?
Stary: It was porn.
Caitlin: [squeals and buries her head in her hands.]

French is just grand... well, it will be on Monday!

Me: So, Madame, did you ever eat anything funny when you were a kid?
Madame: What?
Me: Did you ever eat anything funny? Like grass or something?
Madame: Did you just ask me if I did grass when I was a kid?!
Me: NOOO! If you ate anything funny. Like grass.
Madame: Ohhh. No. Well, I know all you American kids eat paste. But I am Russian. The only funny thing I ever really ate were icicles, I guess.

Yep. Americans eat paste and Russians eat icicles.

Comp Lit was pretty exciting. Mr. Lagerman was our sub. I actually kind of miss his class. Actually, I just miss having a slack-off theology class. But, still, Pencil Case and I took this opportunity to sit next to each other and partake in harassing-the-annoying-freshman and random giggling.

I love my bus forever. I might actually kind of miss it a little when I get to drive to school... oh, wait. That's NEVER. Sorry. I forgot.

Diana: When I was four, I used to play sex with my three-year-old neighbor.
[Long silence and then everyone starts admonishing her at the same time.]

Anyway! Intramural volleyball: The Estufas are one and one! Oh... and Erik gets hit in the head and flails every single game. And we, having no pity, just sit and laugh.


Anonymous lindsay babbled mindlessly...

hahaaa! russians eat icicles!

that is probably the funniest thing i've ever heard/read/whatever. oh wow.

definitely LOL-ed on that one ;)

10:44 PM

Blogger Wolfae babbled mindlessly...

HAHAHHA! I SO make up things I swear happened too!

8:45 AM


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