"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Transcendentalism is where the vampires live.

Oh man. What a day. I am just going to talk about funny things that happened today. There aren't that many. I'm sure there will be some tonight and tomorrow, Service Day is going to kick butt.

Stary: Does anyone know what transcendentalism is?
Alyssa: Oh, that's where the vampires live, right?
Stary: Um... no.

Yes. Alyssa "Flatten" is back (oh freshmen) and that means fun with wrong answers and airplane wings.

Stary: It was pithy... and I'm not talking about a mad guy with a lisp.

I think the people in my comp lit class are just a congregation of the most irritating voices ever. Or maybe I am just in a bad mood. Morgan got busted for sitting around in our class today, which was funny.

Anyway. Flipper is no longer allowed to be present when I talk to my mom on the phone because she laughs at me. It starts with me giving her the wrong number and it all ends with me calling myself "the bitch of the universe" and then I can't look at her because I'll start laughing even though I'm talking about very serious things. Oh, and she would like the whole world to know that she was not being a dead dolphin, she was being a seizuring dolphin. Haha yes. I love history class forever. Where else could Christine and I laugh for ten minutes about a balloon bouquet? And the hallway was a definite source of excitement today as Frank took it upon himself to wave at me.

Haha. Madame is so funny. "I am not mad at you. P.S. Nice handwriting." (Note that all this is hardly legible itself.) And I heart Tiffany and her lunchtime congratulations.

My nose is very sunburnt. And peeling. Yay for sun and fair skin.

Anyway. Exciting day. Um, no. But Pencil Case, Alex, and I are going to have mad fun tomorrow with Pease at Webster. You totally wish you were there.


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Wow, you don't do much outside of school do you? Well, that's fine, you're good at writing about it... I've been reading your stuff for about a week, I just moved sites so if you wanna come check me out my addy is www.letitbeginagain09.blogspot.com
Hope to hear from you. Jami

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