"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Smurfs are three apples tall, not four. You learn something new every day.

Oh today was pretty interesting for a Monday. Actually, overall, it was pretty boring. But, you know, there is always the usual NDA gossip. And, you know, to the bazillion kids who got caught, all I have to say is, they deserved it. I mean, if you're stupid enough to be that obvious, you're clearly stupid enough to get caught. Oh well. It's really just a typical incident at this school.

Alyssa, after I gave her a crazy "Mom, there's a Flaten in our toilet!" locker sign: Si! Si, si! Si!

Anyway. I love that I busted my butt to write two things for today that weren't even due.

Bio test, which I completely forgot about, was pretty easy. I am officially the worst at labeling diagrams, though. I think I just made things up that seemed vaguely correct for the entire last page. But, since it is, after all, a Bio B test, I did just fine.

Geo/Trig was problem solving. I love that.

Erik: Do you have a calculator?
Me: No, sorry.
Erik, no more than five minutes later: Do you have a calculator?
Me: Erik, why would my answer have changed in the last five minutes?

History, we were all kind of mopey since it was raining and we just weren't feeling like our random selves. Oh well.

Lunch was pretty mopey too. Chelsea officially has the craziest cartwheeling/breakdancing skills I have ever in my life witnessed. And she tells the most ridiculous mean jokes.

English was okay. Again, we were all kind of mopey. We had to go line up with the sign that represented the Emily Dickinson poem we liked the best/understood the most. First of all, I cannot stand Emily Dickinson at all. Second of all, when I was sitting around, representin' "The Soul Selects her own Society" with Katie and Steven, I got a little bored and said, "Hey! Dry-erase boards are a good way to dispel boredom." So I wrote, "Sup Homeslice?" on the board.

Stary: Homeslice, Kellie? Homeslice?!

French was pretty entertaining. We had to recite the stupid poem. That was pretty invigorating. Personally my favorite rendition was Pencil Case's.

Pencil Case: Il a mis son chapeau sur sa tete... something about a coat... il est parti and something about rain.

Pencil Case: Jill is a Smurf!
Me: Did you know that Belgium has this new PSA with Smurfs running around getting blown up? It is an anti-nuclear warfare message.
Mademichelle: That's great, but we are not talking about that right now.
Pencil Case: She's a Strawberry Shortcake!!

Pencil Case: Can I do number one?
Mademichelle: You can if you don't say a word for the rest of this hour.
Pencil Case: Never mind.

Anyay. Nine days until Mademichelle leaves. I'm pretty pumped.

Comp Lit was the usual.

Mrs. Pease: Please turn to the puke green section of the book.
Hannah: Ew... don't say that.
Mrs. Pease: Fine. Please turn to the pea green section of the book.
Hannah: If your pee is that color, you have some medical conditions you need to take care of. Why does it have to be a bodily function? Why can't it just be Christmas tree green?!

After school, I had to go get my study guide for history. That was pretty entertaining, as usual.

Pencil Case: Kellie, how tall is a Smurf?
Me: Four apples tall.
Pencil Case: No, Kellie. Three. Three apples tall. Don't you know anything?

Mrs. Campbell, as if I would know where the study guides are: Kellie, where did I put the study guides?!
Me: I don't know. I can't read your mind.
Mrs. Campbell: Thank god for that! You'd probably be scared of me.

Anyway. We ate some very good toffee and Pencil Case, as usual, asked a million questions.

Pencil Case, pointing to a picture: Is that your family?
Me: Nope. She just found a picture of some random people and stuck it to her filing cabinet.
Pencil Case: Wow. You guys all look happy.
Mrs. Campbell, sarcastically: That's because we're at church.
Pencil Case: Oh! My mom and I were going to get our church picture taken but then we decided that we don't go enough.
Mrs. Campbell: Well, they still put you in the book whether you go to church or not.

Anyway. This conversation brought to mind good times laughing at our parish picture book with my mother. But I did not share those because I don't think anyone really needs to know how mean my mom and I are. Seriously, those parish picture books are like yearbooks. If yearbooks totally sucked in every possible way.

I hope you are all going to the Halloween dance. Pencil Case and I have thoroughly amazing costumes planned.


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