"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"Hyperbolas are parabolas that are on drugs!"

Oh man. I love Geo/Trig. It is my favorite math class of my entire life thus far. First of all, Alex always delivers notes and so she comes bringing stories for me.

Alex: I have the most ridiculous group for theology. Matt, Kyle, and Gavin. Seriously, Kellie, I swear to God, all they talked about today was all the drugs they've done, all the times they've been arrested, and how they fight with Indians--- and yes, they actually did talk about fighting with Indians.

Then we talked about the favorite conversation of this weekend.

Alex: Should I do the MySpace layout with vertical or horizontal stripes?
Me: Well, the vertical one is much cuter. Plus, horizontal stripes will make your MySpace look fat.
Alex: Oh, good point!
Me, after a long pause: Alex, that was a joke.

Yes. Alex is the smartest ditz you will ever meet. Anyway, then we were talking about our beloved ellipses, hyperbolas, and so forth from Algebra 2. That is probably the one thing I retained and did well in in that class.

Mr. Havlichek: A hyperbola is a parabola that is on drugs.

Anyway. History was pretty exciting because apparently kids these days don't know what hemmorhoids are.

Tim: What's a hemmorhoid?
Mrs. Campbell: Oh, god... well, you guys are going to learn a lot today, aren't you?

Anna and I also had a really long conversation about all our good times at SMS.

Anna: Remember that one time when Matt was freaking out and talking about how the kids in the other math class were busy watching The Sharon Osbourne Show in the library and then Mrs. Wilke wouldn't believe him so he left the room and she started to cry?
Me: And we were the advanced math class.
Anna: Yeah... we also made her cry when we wouldn't stop singing "The Coconut Song" from The Lion King, remember?

Oh St. Matts. How little do I miss you.

Lunch was pretty interesting. Chelsea went to get a Three Muskateers bar at the vending machine but hit the wrong button and got M&M's, so she was sharing them.

Pencil Case: Look, this one's all tiny!
Me: Did you just say, "This one tastes like brain tumor"?
Pencil Case: Um... no.
Me: Are you serious?
Pencil Case: Yes.

I still swear that is what I heard. Anyway, then Chels and I went to the Atrium, where there were very amusing conversations to be had about things like Yoga Time in French class. (Which we haven't had yet this year due to a certain Mademichelle.) Then we got into a really big conversation with Mrs. Campbell about clothing, style, and the absolute brilliance of the Express Editor pant. But then it was time for English.

Stary had yet another costume in English today. Oh man. We were not quite as amused as we were last time. We have to write a poem for Monday. That's pretty exciting.

French was okay. Probably one of the better days we've had with Mademichelle teaching. Pencil Case stuck out his hand for Mademichelle to give him a high five, but she just stared at it, appalled, as we all laughed at her.

High fives were the order of the day for Pencil Case the whole way to Comp Lit. Ohhh my gosh. That class. Do not even get me started. After school, I had to go drop something off for Madame, and we had a very long discussion about hair.

Madame: I want to have soft waves.
Me: You do know how ridiculous that sounded, right?
Madame: Seriously, I am never cutting my hair again.
Me: You will look like a hippie.
Pencil Case: If you're going to do that, you need to buy, like, a bajillion cats. Plus, Madame, you just have a short hair head. One of those heads that needs short hair.

I love my bus so much. And now that volleyball season is over, Alex is on it! Yay. All we ever do is make fun of Diana, which Anna is the best at. It's not the most difficult of arts, though, I'd have to say.