"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"Hi! I'm Hodgy!"

Hmm. Today was pretty exciting if I do say so myself, particularly for a day with an assembly. Study hall and bio were pretty much the usual, and the assembly was kind of a joke.

Renee: What is the assembly about?
Me: Solar panels.
Renee, in the most sarcastic voice I have ever heard from her: Oh my god! I'm so excited! I love solar panels! I wish we could talk about solar panels every day!

Yes. The assembly was kind of a big joke. And then they made us watch this crazy video hosted by a kid with a crazy, ridiculous voice.

Crazy Voice Kid, kicking off the video: Hi! I'm Hodgy!
Entire Auditorium: [laughter.]

Then they gave us crazy 80s sunglasses afterward. Oh, and Bloomy said his goodbyes and it was super depressing. And quite a few people cried. Which is always fun.

Geo/Trig was great. All we did was make fun of the assembly.

Mr. Havlichek: How about, I give the whole lesson in a Hodgy voice?

Dan: I feel like ZZ Top in these sunglasses!!
Mr. Havlichek: Yeah. All you need is a beard that swings back and forth and a spinning guitar.

Everyone, at least seven times, trying to attempt the Hodgy voice: HIIIII! I'M HODGY!!!!

History is amazing. I loaned the one and only Jacob my notebook, so he sat at the table and made faces at me and hummed and wrote me a note for the whole class period. Oh, and apparently, my notebook is amazing, which makes me happy because I take great pride in my note-taking skills.

Mrs. Campbell, whispering: Whose notebook is that?
Jacob, whispering back: Kellie's! Look at it!
Mrs. Campbell, still whispering and now reading the notes: Oh my god. These notes are amazing. And her handwriting is beautiful!
Jacob, still whispering: I know!! It's fabulous!
Me, innocently taking my test: What now?
Mrs. Campbell and Jacob, in unison: This notebook is amazing!
Me, elated but pretending to be humble: Oh, no it is not! You guys are just being nice!

Yes. That made me happy. I am glad that other people appreciate my anal-retentiveness about notes and my ghetto version of outline format. And Jacob, being Jacob, sent me ridiculous notes through all of class. What a guy.

Theology is just ridiculous. Today we talked about the voices in people's heads. Sure. Okay then. I don't think I want to know about the voices in anyone's heads, particularly not the majority of the people in that class.

Lunch is also rather obscene. Say what you want about the other cafeteria food, but any type of potato made in that cafeteria is simply astonishing. Oh. And also, we probably have the most ridiculous authority figures of any school, anywhere.

Chelsea: So, Mr. Brooker, are you chaperoning the Halloween dance?
Mr. Brooker: Yes, of course!
Chelsea: What are you dressing up as?
Mr. Brooker: Hmm. I don't know yet.
Me, sarcastically: You could always go as Freddie Mercury!
Chelsea: You should go as... ummmm... a coconut!
Mr. Brooker: Why?
Chelsea: Because you're nutty! Ha ha!

Then we had Public Performances. Lip syncs are amazing. The "My Heart Will Go On" one, with the iceberg being evil in the background and a boy in a dress is probably the best one, ever, hands down.

English is one of the best parts of the day. All we did today in class was discuss scary stories, being scared, ghosts, and scary things that have happened to us.

Erik: I think the scariest thing that happened to me was... well, okay, at my dad's house, we always leave the doors unlocked for some reason. And one night, it was summer, and I was sleeping on the couch, and the doors were unlocked as usual. Aaaaand... [all of us are expecting something really scary] a drunk guy walked in. I was so scared. And then he sat on my feet and started talking to me. And that's the end of my story.
Monica: No, no, it's not-- how did you get rid of the drunk guy!?
Erik: Oh. My dad came and told him to leave, I guess.

Anyway. I told the infamous Santa Claus story, and Alyssa thought that was just the most humorous thing ever.

Alyssa: I just figured out what your locker sign is going to be, Kellie. It's going to be a picture of Santa. And then, on the bottom, it will say "BOO!"

Katherine: Oh my god. I was watching Oprah the other day, and she was talking about rapists! She was like, "These people are on the loose and they are going to come and steal your children!" And now we live out in the country, and we have five acres of land and no neighbors, and I'm so worried that someone is going to come into our house and steal me.
Stary: Gee. Thank you, Oprah!

French is ridiculous. Pencil Case is now in an isolation desk permanently. Wtf, Mademichelle?! Lest you think he spent a whole class not being a disruption, he still managed to be a disruption.

Did you know that his real name is Benji Pancake [secret last name that only I know]? Yes. True story.

Anyway. I don't think I've mentioned Chelsea's ridiculous drawings, have I? Oh my dear god. They are truly insane. They look like Napoleon Dynamite drawings, and so far, she has done them of me, Erik, Pencil Case, Stary, Mr. Schultz, Kelsey, and Mademichelle, and they are hysterical. The one of Mademichelle is by far the best.

Comp Lit is so so obscene. Scott likes to demonstrate how low the sophomore boys wear their pants, which is, um, unnecessary. And Pencil Case yells my name at me across the room, but I cannot see his head, as it is covered by the computer, and so that leads to a lot of confusion. Concepts Checks can also feel free to bite me.

Good luck tonight, football team!


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