"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Happy Halloween, Everybody!

Okay. Today was not really a good day in any way, shape, or form. I don't want to say anything because I know that people read this and I don't want to say anything that will get me in more fake trouble or anything I will regret. So I am just going to talk about the humorous parts of today.

Like my study hall cracking up at the thought of me even getting a referral. Thanks, guys. I'm glad you think I'm such a badass.

Mrs. Smith, reading my referral and laughing really hard: That is hilarious! That is so funny. [Stops laughing, looks at it, and starts laughing again.]

We got cake day during Bio today. Sometimes being in an easy class has its perks... i.e., Funfetti cake. I miss the good old days of everyone bringing Funfetti cake for their birthday treat.

Geo/Trig is nice. That class is very calm when Erik is gone.

Dan: So, do you hand out candy?
Mr. H: No. I don't get many trick-or-treaters.
Dan: Not even a little bowl of candy!?
Mr. H: Well, yeah... I put a little bowl of apples out. Apples... with pins in them.
Dan: Haaaaah. That's sick.

History was pretty calm, too. Jacob was not there, which is helpful.

Mrs. Campbell: I saw Jesus graffiti when I was running this morning. I was baffled. I was like, "Jesus graffiti? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Wow, that is pretty stupid." It was almost as stupid as how Britney Spears has that religious tattoo that she's all excited about, but tattoos are one of the big no-nos in her religion. Don't you guys think that's funny?
Mark: I never heard that. How do you know that?
Mrs. Campbell: I read things.
Mark: Where did you read that?
Mrs. Campbell: Okay... So I didn't read it. I saw it on Best Week Ever. Shut up.

Best Week Ever as a news source? Yeah. We are definitely twins.

Theology was pretty crazy. We talked about that advertising video. I love that the same people talk all the time in that class.

Lunch is insane. Jacob told us of his escapades in New York, and we chatted about why I am having a bad day.

Me: But I don't want to talk to her. Then I will just get another referral for being disrespectful or making obscene hand gestures or whatever.
Mrs. Campbell: You make obscene hand gestures? Haha... so do I.

Mrs. Campbell: Well, all you have to do is make the sad girl face and say, [demonstrates in a highly dramatic fashion] "I can't believe you even think that of me. I can't believe it."

Jacob, talking about seeing an actress: She walked past me and I touched her! I touched her!
Mrs. Campbell: Was she running away from you?!
Jacob: No... well, kind of. Oh, shut up! It was part of the show!

Jacob: Yeah. I saw Movin' Out that night.
Mrs. Campbell: Awww! I love Billy Joel! [singing:] Movin' out!
Jacob: Um...
Mrs. Campbell, still singing: A bottle of red, a bottle of white!
Jacob: Yeah...
Mrs. Campbell, still singing: Uptown girl, she was livin' in an uptown world!
Jacob: Yeah. Only like ten times better.
Mrs. Campbell: Well, if I were that good, I wouldn't be sitting here.

Jacob: It was musically orgasmic!! I was like, [makes scary noises.]
Mrs. Campbell: Musically orgasmic... so it was an eargasm?

Um. Yes. Craziest people ever at lunch. I love it. Oh, and Pencil Case writes me crazy notes with crazy pictures addressed to crazy names. It is amazing, really.

Almost as much as I love English. That class is like a dysfunctional family to me.

Chelsea: That's the most mentally challenged thing I have ever seen.

Chelsea, Erik, and Me, constantly: I'm not a bad lady!

Stary: I only mock you because I like you.

Um. French was amazing. It was all orderly and stuff now that Mademichelle is gone. I loooooove it.

Madame: Allo? Allooooo?
[Pencil Case giggles for about ten minutes.]

Is Comp Lit even remotely worth talking about? No. And it never was, was it.

Usher's meeting was pretty fun, so was volleyball. The Estufas are 1-3, but that is okay because we have a lot of fun.

Rachel: This is my stern serious face!
[We all laugh at her.]


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