"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Dog Treats and Jacob's Scary Picture

Oh my gosh. I love French Club. And I love that attendance has gone completely down now that we no longer have doughnuts. And I love that we are listening to Guster in Comp Lit. Guster will always make my heart happy.

Madame: Are we going to do dog treats? I have a recipe.
Sammi: Yeah. Tell the kids what dog treats taste like, because apparently you eat them.
Madame: I do not eat them. I taste them.
Me: Do you ingest them?
Madame: Well. Yes.
Me: Then that is eating.
Pencil Case: What do they taste like?
Madame: Graham crackers. Actually some of them taste better than graham crackers. You have to buy the upscale dog treats, though. Like Eukanuba.

Anyway. I love my Geo/Trig class. We just make up crazy "sohcahtoa" chants to out-shout the French I class next door. Okay, Jacob next door, but you know what I mean. And, I heart trigonometry.

But you know what I heart even more than trigonometry? More than just about anything? You guessed it. History. First, class didn't start for about five minutes because Mr. Brooker was there, being a serious distraction. But then he left, and so we had to play our lovely quiz review game. Oh and Jacob was writing things like "Depression (The Grat)" on the board so he was on the tail end of quite a bit of harassment.

Basically, we were paired up and we had to run to the board and whoever wrote the right answer first won. It got to be quite competitive, especially when it came down to Anna and Mark. Haha and my quick writing skills make people laugh, as does Joe's writing period. "Ummmm... I see an R there!" Sure you do. Also, Mrs. Campbell has the most ridiculous hand gestures I have ever in my fifteen and a half years witnessed.

Then we had a lovely lesson about the battle of Lexington and Concord.

Mrs. Campbell: Wait--- what did Paul Revere say?
Everyone: "The British are coming."
Mrs. Campbell: Well. Thank you for telling me. I was about to gallop around the room shouting "the Redcoats are coming."

Mrs. Campbell: The Minutemen probably weren't very happy, after being woken up by, you know, horses and the like.

Mrs. Campbell, singing: Somebodyyyyyyyyyyy shot!

Mrs. Campbell: It was like a bar fight. Someone knifed someone and then all of the sudden people who had nothing to do with the knifing were smashing chairs over other people's heads.
Jacob: Um, how would you have any idea what a bar fight is like, anyway?

Anyway. Before class, Jacob had left his hugest school picture (8.5"x11") taped to Mrs. Campbell's computer screen. So she went back to her desk and screamed at the top of her lungs upon seeing it. We just laughed at her, but then we pretended to be concerned for a few minutes. Then we laughed some more. Jacob didn't understand why it was so scary so I was forced to be the decider of whether or not it would have been scary if I had walked back there not knowing it was back there. And it actually probably would have been.

Jacob as the whole room goes silent for once, in an Asian accent: I am Oriental!
Whole Class: Jacob, you're a racist.

Anyway. Mrs. Brown sat in on our theology class today! That was very exciting.

Mrs. Brown: If I look like this when I'm in Heaven, I'm not gonna be happy!

Lunch was pretty funny too.

Pencil Case: [something mildly humorous.]
Alex: [Laughs with everyone else, then adds:] What?

Then Chelsea decided to be Liza Minelli again. Through all of English and French, too. Oh well. In English, we filled in bubbles for the PLAN test interest inventory. Pretty sure I gave just about every single one a "dislike", because I don't have any interest in designing a bird feeder, thankyouverymuch.

French was fun. We talked about donkeys and made pictures on our orange sheets.

And, thank god, it's the weekend and I'm going to have some good times with mes mecs!


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