"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Alyssa and I are the best poets. Ever.

Oh my gosh. Today was highly entertaining and hysterical.

During Bio, we talked about Mrs. Mayer's car, the infamous lime-green Saturn Vue. (I always wondered who drove that thing. Because, pretty sure every time my mother drops me off to school, she has something ridiculous to say about the color of it.)

Joe: Yeah, I saw you on the way home yesterday. My sister had to go somewhere to get something.
Me: Could you be a little more vague?
Joe: Well, I knew it was you because you are the only person I know who has a car like that.
T.J.: What car is that?
Mrs. Mayer: It's a lime-green Saturn Vue.
T.J.: I know that car... it looks like a booger.

Geo/Trig, we had a crazy substitute and a practice test and I wrote a very long note to Caitlin, which I gave to her in history class. Which was crazy, as usual. We got our tests back and I am officially, according to Mark, a curve-breaker. Oops. My bad. Anyway, that class consists mostly of harassing each other and people shouting randomness from the hallways.

[Mark and Alyssa raise their hands for questions.]
Mrs. Campbell: Oh, would you look at that! Nobody has any questions!

Mark: These were hard questions.
Mrs. Campbell: What can I say, I got 100 percent in Tricky Question Writing Class in college. I was the valedictorian of that class, actually. I was amazing.

Alyssa: Well, if Thomas Jefferson wasn't at the Treaty of Paris, where was he?
Anna and Erik, in genuine seriousness: He died.
Me: Yes, and then he was ressurrected to become president a few years later.

During lunch, we got new Tritonians, which provided quite a bit of entertainment, and Vicky was an evil, horrible backpack spiller. That girl makes me laugh. And Abigail is my favorite. She is going to be the best damn set of grapes in the history of the world on Saturday.

English is my all-time favorite. Today, instead of being productive, we just wrote poems using the letters of each others' names. They were great.

Stary: Does anyone else have a name... beyotch?
Person Who Shall Remain Anonymous: Joe Brooker!!!

Greg, trying to think of something for "Phong": Asian!
Whole Class: Greg, there isn't an "a" in Phong.

Stary: How about the J in Jillian?
Me: Joyous, downright!
[Stary writes 'joyus' on the board.]

Anyway. They were so entertaining. And Alyssa and I are the most amazing poets ever.

French was okay. We had a past participle quiz and then we watched Disney Sing-A-Longs. But mostly Chelsea was singing. And dancing. And putting gloves on her ears. Pencil Case is still in isolation and now gives Mademichelle the silent treatment. But, next Friday, Mademichelle is gone. Can we say, "merci dieu."

And now we are in Comp Lit, which is its usual crazy self. Pencil Case says hi.


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