"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


We missed you.

Words of Wisdom from Mrs. Smith: "Youcef is being a turd."

French Club meeting today. Pretty exciting. Congratulations to Jacob! And Madame called me Katia several times... that was interesting.

I love looking out the hall in Geo w/Trig. Today in the hall, Youcef got yelled at, Brooker tripped over nothing, and Blumreich made faces at me. You guys are all cool.

Jacob was back today in history! We were all quite excited!

Jacob: I got your e-mail. "We missed you." Which is obviously a lie because I'm sure you didn't miss me.
Mrs. Campbell: I meant that the class missed you. And what was I supposed to do, send you an e-mail saying "I missed you?" That would have been very... um. Inappropriate.

Then Jacob and Mark decided what would be appropriate was eating candy bars in class. As if we weren't going to hear the crinkling of wrappers.
Mrs. Campbell: What are you doing?!
Jacob and Mark: Uhhh. Eating candy.
Mrs. C: You can't just eat candy. First of all, I told you that. Second of all, you guys are right in front of the door and so the administration will walk by and then I will get written up. Again.
Whole Class: Wait--- you got written up?
Mrs. C: On the first day of school! They called me into the office and wrote me up! It was first hour, too.
Me: Oh my god. No one gets away with anything at this school anymore.
Mrs. C: And it's not like there are new rules. They are the same old rules. They just decided to enforce them--- MARK. What are you doing?!
Mark: I'm trying to put my candy bar away.
Mrs. C: Well, what's preventing you?

Mrs. C: "The Native Americans were _____." Appalled, extremely irate, overwhelmingly furious, you can put whatever you want there.
Jacob: Can I put "pissed off?"
Mrs. C: If you really feel that you have to.

Anyway. The rest of class was pretty much on topic except for that discussion about ugly words.
Theology scared me. I don't even want to go there.

We were all pretty crazy during lunch. Alex tells really funny stories.

Alex: So, yeah, apparently that day when we had that rapist guy running around, Mrs. Mellberg was talking to her study hall about it and she starts banging a book on her desk and yells, "IF YOU DON'T BUDDY UP YOU'RE GONNA GET RAPED!"

Yes. Pretty sure Alex and I have said that all weekend.

Anyway. English is pretty entertaining. Do we ever accomplish anything in that class? No. Nonono.

Erik: Is crucible an English word? Because for some reason I always thought it was Italian. Like "cru-chee-blay."
Molly: Oh my god. You are such a dork.

During French, we all meanly laughed at the unfortunate facts of Natalie's presentation. Because we are wretched.

Natalie: He turned to art and alcohol... that was all he had. (We laugh.) Well, it's true. All his friends made fun of him for having such short legs. (We laugh again.)

Computer Literacy and Applications, you are very cool. Except not. Yay for Tetris.

After school, Alex and I hung around with random folk and went to Culver's with Steve before her volleyball game. At Culver's, there was a very drunk man sitting on a fence and some children. Oh and Jacob is yet again brilliant.

Alex: Look! A little person!
Me: That's so mean. You aren't supposed to call midgets little people.
Alex: It wasn't a little person... it was a child.


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