"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"They were overachievers in the salvation department." -Stary

Let's see. Today involved another assembly. This time for church. Needless to say, it was much more boring than last time, because it did not involve Blumreich jumping around and saying crazy stuff like, "16 kids?! I wonder if they're Catholic!" So. Yeah. I'm going to be a bad Catholic and say it: mass is boring.

But you know what is not boring? History. I've said it before, and I'm going to say it again: Mrs. Campbell is my hero. Hands down.

(Jacob walks up to her and does yesterday's obscene hand gesture incorrectly.)
Mrs. C: No. Jacob, you did that wrong. You need to hit your fists twice.
Erik: What is that even from? Did you make it up!
Alyssa and I: It's from Friends!
Mrs. C: Yes, it is. I would always do it as a joke, or just whenever I got mad at people. But when my daughter was about five, she would start to do it to me when she was mad at me! She would just be like, "Mom! I'm mad at you!" [Does the obscene hand gesture.]

Yesssss. We talked about Henry the Eighth for a while and sang the infamous Henry the Eighth song. Did Anne Boleyn have six fingers or six toes? I think it was fingers. And for a while, we were on topic. Alyssa tried to get us back onto cannibalism.

Mrs. C: Why did the Puritans move?
Alyssa: So they could kill their wives and eat them!

(During an awkward pause of note-taking, Mrs. Campbell and I both laugh for no apparent reason.)
Mrs. C: Why are you laughing at me?! Did I spell something wrong?
Me: No! Why are you laughing at me?
Mrs. C: Well, whenever you give me that look, it makes me all nervous that I've spelled something wrong.

You know what word I did not know how to spell but she did, amazingly enough? Plymouth. I honestly had not a clue how to spell that one. For a while we just asked crazy questions and talked about how Brooker thinks Jacob is a stalker. This made Jacob angry, so he ripped up his picture of Celine Dion that was on the picture board.

Erin, not listening: Wait-- who's gay?!
Mrs. C: Elton John.
Jacob: Elton John is Celine Dion's best friend!!
Mrs. C: How can they be best friends if she apparently can't talk to him?!

Then we talked about the influence of shrooms in the Salem Witch Trials. Sorry, not shrooms. "Hallucinogenic mushrooms." Because those are different from shrooms how? Okay then. Suddenly the topic changed from the problems for people who did not own land to how all our presidents were old white men.

Mrs. C: Yeah, I used to have pictures of all the presidents hanging up all along the room. But I took them down. They were just getting kind of old... okay, actually, they had these creepy little beady eyes that would follow you around the room. They were freaky, and so that's most of the reason why they're gone.

Abigail and I talked about people who give their children stupid names at lunch. Oh, and Vicky needed "a tool that's long and hard" to open Abigail's broken locker. Yeah. And that wasn't a double-entendre at all.

English was more pilgrim talk as usual. Stary makes me laugh, although certain people in that class are extremely aggravating.

Random Kid, about Puritan beliefs: That's not really fair.
Stary: That's why I'm not a Puritan.

Stary: They were a little paranoid. It would be like, "I saw Lars with the Devil!! He's a witch!

Stary: They were overachievers in the salvation department.

Stary, on the Anne Bradstreet poem about the house burning down: Well, of course the house burned down. They were burning frickin' oil lamps and candles!

Geyer was full of crazy noises today in French. "Brrrrrrrrr!" with crazy head shake. "Ee-rrr-eee-rrr" with crazy marker gesture. It was ridiculous. But amusing.

Oh, PS. Go re-vote for me for French Club secretary! Because French Club is way too cool to be able to count properly and not vote twice! Yeah! Go us! Go vote! But only if you're voting for me... just kidding. (Kind of.)


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