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Oh, what a day. It all started with the Bus Ride From Hell. Now, I should have figured that when my bus was actually on time to pick me up, something was going to go wrong. But I thought nothing of it, or the fact that we had a different bus driver.

Well. Our new bus driver is an absolute clown. First, she just stops on Webster in front of the ice cream shop for ten minutes. For no reason. We are just sitting there. Okay then. Then, we wait another ten minutes for a freshman, because the bus driver decides: Oh. I am cool and I will skip her stop and make her walk two blocks. Yes. By this point, both Alex and I were talking about how we, even though we do not have our lisences, could drive a bus better than this. No, but seriously. We could.

Then Alex begins to think that, if the bus is late, the optional sophomore retreat will leave without her. (Which it of course, does not, to ruin all the suspense for you.) But she went on a very rampant freakout about how she did not read The Scarlet Letter because she didn't think she was having class but how they have a quiz (Abigail: "We never had a quiz. Mrs. Mellberg just told stories." That was a comment to ruin more suspense for you.) and so on and so forth. It was quite funny.

Alex: We will probably hit every red light.
Me: Noooo. With our luck, the bridge will be up.

Yes. And apparently Alex and I are psychic, because both these things happened. Yes. So then not only us, but the entire East Side of Green Bay was late for school today. That was fun.

During Bio, there were no people there. So we watched C.S.I. And JS made annoying comments the whole time, so it really wasn't too different from regular Bio class.

Since we had about ten kids in our history class today, we did not have our usual fun of tangental conversations and harassment and Jacob. No, no, we did not. We had assignments and worksheets. But, since this is a Mrs. Campbell class, you just know that even in the three minutes we had typical class, she spelled something wrong.

Mrs. Campbell, writing: Section 2 workshee.
(The whole class laughs at her.)
Mrs. C, talking now: Kellie, what did I spell wrong?
Everyone: Workshee!!
Mrs. C, sarcastically: Oh, don't you kids know anything? Of course it's a workshee.

Theology was actually kind of fun today. More talk of the Notre Dame Academy social hierarchy, which I still don't think is a really appropriate topic, but it's Tan Pants's class, not mine. I mean, what do I know about things that are apparently theological but really just mean? Nothing. Because I am just mean period. Okay then. Although Maggie and I pretty much run that class. Oh well.

English... we were actually on topic most of today. And Stary called me Katie? Uhhh okay. But that was still not as bad as our student teacher in Mr. Blaney's class who called me "Julie" all the time. And Erik just writes random things on the front of my notebook in Chinese. Okay cool.

French is my life. Who am I kidding. I still love that class, even though I have to do some horrible presentation on the Impressionist Revolution.

Madame: We will pick out of hat.

Yay for articles!

Me, looking at Eurotrip pictures: Um. Madame. Why is there a picture of you and a furry pink bunny statue?
Madame: Because that is the only good thing about Switzerland. Seriously.

Madame, looking at my pictures from Paris: Kellie, you look very drunk in this picture.
Me: I was being drunk Edith Piaf. Obviously.
Madame: Well, anyway. I almost bought that scarf.
Me: The plaid one?
Madame: Yes.
Me: Where did you almost buy it?
Madame: On the way up to Monmartre.
Me: That's where I bought it.
Madame: It would be very creepy if we had the same scarf.
Me: Especially if we wore it on the same day. Without planning it.

Yes. A scary thought. Just kidding. Anyway. Then we got out of the "sauna" (room 203) and went to the computer lab, which is always fun. Although this time, Madame did not think I was 100%-from-the-Ukraine, which was sad. I did "research", meaning Madame made me type things and went on her favorite lecture as of late, Why I Am Going to Miss You So Much When You Go To College I Just Don't Know What I Will Do With Myself [Because I Will Have To Learn How To Spell And Use Commas For Myself, which she never said, I just added it myself.] I love that lecture. It makes me feel so loved. But then I just have to say, "Madame. That's in three years. You need to, ahem, simmer down."

Yes. Then it was time for Stranger Danger lecture from D.R. That was pretty fun. Then we got it again from Madame. The Russian version? Ten times funnier. As everything is.

Comp Lit... um... Mrs. Pease sang. Scary things. All you ever need to know. Then she kidnapped Scott's cell phone. What a class, because apparently "class" and "waste of time and money" are the same thing. What is the point of Comp Lit for people who have grown up with computers, who do not know what it's like not to own one? I mean, I can see old people taking that class, but not us. We know how to use MS Word, thanks.

What's this I hear of an H&M opening in Brookfield Square? Is that my heart I hear singing?!


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