"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Hello, 6th-Hour Honors Sophomore English!

So. These are the very important things one learns as French Club secretary at officers' meetings: Geyer eats dog treats.

Geyer: Dog treats are good. I mean, I've eaten them.
Stephanie: You've what?
Geyer: Yeah, I've eaten dog treats. They're not bad. They taste like really thick crunchy graham crackers.
[big silence.]
Everyone: You are so weird.

Let's see. Mrs. Smith is bribing us to donate money. Woo-hoo, Krispy Kremes and bagel party.

Today in Bio, we had some interesting conversations about our Tribond question. And, for Chelsea's sake, I am mentioning that we made Jello.

Mrs. Mayer: Barrel riding, bulldogging, and bull riding, what do these things have in common? Where can you do all these things?
Nick: Mexico.

Geometry was really really fun today. Because it was actually geometry and not algebra. You have no idea how happy this makes me or how much I love geometry. Geometry just makes absolute perfect sense to me. It's ridiculous.

Dan: Was Alpha the name of the robot on Power Rangers?

French 1 class next door, extremely loudly: JE NE SUIS PAS! TU N'ES PAS! IL N'EST PAS! NOUS NE SOMMES PAS! VOUS N'ETES PAS! ILS NE SONT PAS!
Geometry class: [laughter and confusion.]
Alyssa: Oh my god. They're going insane!

I ♥ history. The favorite subject of today was drugs and how Hitler got shot up with amphetamines that he called "vitamins." But the German word for vitamins sounded like Voldemort. Oh, History Channel, I need to watch you more often when I am bored, as I did the day that show was on. I swear it was called High Hitler. It was truly humorous.

Alyssa, who is being ignored: But... I actually had a right answer that time!

Mrs. Campbell: Erik, are you being ridiculous today?

Lunch is craziness from me and Vicky.

Vicky, accusingly: I saw you eating an apple!!

Me: Vicky, why are you carrying a plastic fork in your back pocket?
Vicky: To stab the naughty chidren!

Oh, English. Hi, all you English class folk who now read my blog, thanks to Stary for mentioning it. But, hey. I was not the one in the crazy outfit. And Erik thinks its's funny that I only have one dimple.

Jill: Is that a woman's outfit?

Me: Do you expect people to take you seriously in that?

Stary: If we sent a Harry Potter book back to Salem, Massachusetts, what would they say?
Alyssa: "IT'S A WITCH!"

Pencil Case gave a crazy funny presentation in French today. And there was of course "Smile, It's the Holidays!"

Pencil Case: Sometimes Camille Claudel is marked dead 10 years before she actually died. Because she never got better, so they marked her dead. Which is sad.

Pencil Case: Their stuff was displayed.
Everyone: Stuff?!

Pencil Case: Everyone hated Camille. She wasn't actually healed, the doctor was just tired of her.

Yes. Then there was a fun conversation about nudes and "sex sells" with She of the Dog Biscuits. And Pencil Case and I were again late for Comp Lit.


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