"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Do you know what happens at Phish concerts?

Oh my goodness. What a day. It all started during the student government meeting. Mrs. Brown is officially the craziest person I know.

Bondage: We can't do a half-assed job of this--
Mrs. Brown: What was that adjective?!

Angelina: We should adopt a big black family.
Mrs. Brown: Yep! We're definitely not racist up here! Give us a big black family! [Pause.] Actually, I still think the funniest thing is that Wisconsin sent a bunch of buses to the hurricane victims and no one wanted to come here.

Then she was pretending to be Cajun. Yes. We take important issues very seriously at NDA. No, just kidding, we actually do.

Bio involved a very easy test and some highly intelligent conversations about The O.C.

Girl #1: Whatever happened to that baby?
Girl #2: I don't know, but if that girl brings that baby around, Ryan and Marissa will probably break up. Again. That's, like, all they ever do.
Girl #1: Ryan and Marissa always break up. Like when Marissa was a lesbian for, like, two days.
Girl #2: Yeah. Do you think that blonde, like, lesbian will ever come back?

You now get a good idea of the kinds of thing that happen in that class. Especially when JS is not around to make an ass of himself.

History was completely off the subject as usual.

Mrs. Campbell: Do you guys know what an 'E' means in grade school? Like, the grade?
A few kids: Failing, but with effort.
Mrs. C: Oh, great. Nice job on your D.O.L., Eliza.
[She turns around and Jacob is standing right behind her.]
Mrs. C: Jacob, get out of my bubble.
Jacob, making poking gestures at her: POP!

This caused a very long conversation about the awfulness of Daily Oral Language, which wasn't even Oral anyway. I mean, I'm a grammar freak, and even I hated D.O.L. Somehow we got onto the subject of going to the bathroom.

Mrs. C: On Monday I'm going to talk to you guys about not leaving the room all the time. I mean, really, why do you always have to go to the bathroom after taking a test? There is no correlation between bladders and test-taking, trust me.

For about five minutes, the far half of the room was doing their work while the other half of the room continued to discuss going to the bathroom. After five minutes, this fairly humorous comment was made:

Mrs. C: I mean, kids always say, "Well, if you won't let me go to the bathroom, I'll just go right here!" and I just say, "I don't care!"
[The far side of the room is actually listening and cracks up.]
Mrs. C, looking directly at me: What?
Me: What?
Mrs. C: I didn't even think you guys were listening, and all of the sudden that whole half of the room starts laughing at me.
Me: Well, you're still talking about going to the bathroom.
(Everyone cracks up upon realizing that we've discussed bathrooms for such an extended period of time.)

Mrs. C: Hey, Lars, buddy? It's not naptime!

Jessi: I'm not going to be here on Monday.
Mrs. C: Okay, you guys, the Jessi Is Not Here Party will start at 10:30 on Monday!

Then we started talking about "collections". Apparently one of her history classes last year would pass a hat around and have a "collection" and whatever they gave, she got to keep forever, and how one of her other classes this year decided to have a collection again today.

Mrs. C: Yeah, last year I got really stupid stuff, like gum wrappers and smooshed up brownies from people's lunches. It was ridiculous. But this year I got good stuff! I mean, today, I got markers, and an un-eaten pack of gum, and this stress ball!

It was, quite honestly, the coolest stress ball ever. So the rest of class was spent, rather than doing worksheets, playing with the ball. Yes. That class is probably the greatest thing ever. And the most ridiculous, because even though it doesn't sound like we do judging by this blog, we actually learn a lot.

Theology (ugh), we talked about explaining things to small children.

Tan Pants: I mean, last night, I had to tell my daughter, "Don't step on your sister's head."

Tan Pants: When you're explaining something to a kid, you have to say things like, "Killing is bad because it makes people die. How would you feel if your mommy was killed?"

Tan Pants: Does it matter what you eat on a date?
Nick: I'd get a cheeseburger.
Tan Pants: Oh, well, that's very high-class.
Nick: A quarter-pounder, actually.
Tan Pants: That's... nice.

Tan Pants: Can a dress code be bad?
Me: Well, yes, if it forces people to dress completely inappropriately.
Tan Pants: Well, what if people want to dress trashy?
Me: Um... other people might not want to look at them dressed that way.

During lunch, Vicky got a referral from Brooker for wearing backless shoes. Therefore, we did impressions of Brooker, who was definitely staring at my hamstrings for all of lunch to make sure that my shoes had backs, which they did.

Me: Vicky, you are a BAD SEED! How DARE you wear shoes without backs! LOOK AT MY STRIPED TIE!
Me: Aren't the stripes PRETTY?!
Me: Except for when I wear my PINK OXFORD.

So, yes. Vicky has detention. And apparently hell has frozen over. And also, Vicky and I are very very mean.

English was quite exciting. Stary very much enjoys my sarcastic essays. Which is good.

Erik, after trying to touch his tongue to his nose: OW!!!
Me: What?
Erik: That made my brain hurt!

Stary: My dad always said, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit."

Stary: There were these people who sat next to me at the last Star Wars movie, and they were so stupid. It's like, come on, people, we know that Anakin turns into Darth Vader, we've known this for TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. But then the guy was all, "I shall call you Darth---- VADER!" and they both gasped. And I wanted to say, 'No!! Really? I thought it was Darth Fluffy Pink Bunnies!' And then, "She's carrying twins." and the guy next to me goes, "Ohmigod! Luke and Leia!" No! Mary-Kate and Ashley!!

French is so fun. Mike says the craziest things ever.

Mike: I'm dying!

Mike: Look, it's Genius!

Mike: Kellie has big shoes and very little feet.

Pencil Case also made the Pencil Case Frustration Bite Face several times.

Student Teacher: You can have a hundred boys and still use "en."
(Jill laughs.)
Pencil Case: PERVERT!
Student Teacher: We are NOT talking about it like that.

Comp Lit was insane.

Scott: Someone totally pooped on my chair!
Mrs. Pease: Don't be gross!

Scott: Do you know what goes on at Phish concerts?
Mrs. Pease: No, I've never been to one.
Scott, in a dramatic voice: DRUGS!

Mrs. Pease: So what is everyone doing this weekend?
Pencil Case and Emily: Going to a Phish concert.

Oh, Fridays.


Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

OMG, same Star Wars story with me. I went with Paul and Stephaine.

[Twins are born]
Paul, pointing at the screen in awe and bafflement: Luuuke... And Leia!

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