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Dead Dolphins

Today, all the sophomores in the other Honors English class get to wear "scarlet letters" today. Except for Pencil Case. Anyway, Alex's scarlet letter was S.

Me: What's that for? Slut?

Anyway. The rest of the morning was pretty non-eventful. We had a crazy sub in Geo w/ Trig. I don't know why, but he was just very entertaining. And he told us all the answer to the extra credit weekly challenge problem.

Crazy GWT Sub: It's easy as poop!

Anyway. History was pretty eventful. First of all, no one understands Mrs. Campbell's sarcasm. Like when she told us that we should break into our teachers' desks next hour.

Mrs. Campbell: Well, you know, when a host falls on the ground, you're supposed to eat it. (Me: Nervous face.) Oh my God, Kellie, what did you do? Please don't tell me that you threw it away.
Me: No... I just kind of... left it there.

Mrs. Campbell: Well people break the rules a lot. Like parking.
Jacob: Parking?! Like going and making out in a car?!
Mrs. Campbell: Noooo. And I cannot believe you just said that. That's so 1950s. You know what my mother would always call it? "Necking."

Mrs. Campbell: Why is Youcef always lurking outside my classroom in a big coat?

Mrs. Campbell: My god, sophomores must hate life today. No retreat, no jeans day, no movie day, and you have to wear all those goofy letters and God only knows why.

Suddenly it was time to discuss tuna and dead dolphins. I cannot even tell you what this was being used as an example for. Probably nothing. It was probably just another one of our random topics that had nothing to do with anything.

Barbie: Wait. Are tuna fish?

Mrs. Campbell: Do you guys remember a few years ago when everyone was freaking out because the tuna companies were killing dolphins in their nets, and so they had to be all careful not to kill the dolphins. That's why Starkist tuna has a happy, dancing dolphin on the label. Starkist doesn't have any dead dolphins. [Proceeds to do impressions of dead, drooling dolphins complete with rigor mortis flippers.]

Anyway. We were just out of control with laughter the rest of the class.

Mrs. Campbell: Why isn't anyone listening?
Me: You lost us at the flippers.

By the way, my new nickname for her has been switched from Parkie to Flipper.

Anyway. Theology was, ahem, interesting. We don't need to go there.

During lunch, we had Public Performances for the first time this year. They were really funny.

English was pretty fun even though we had a test, because we got to discuss our journal topic of what is good and bad about being a teenager.

Stary: For some reason, the kids in fourth hour were very interested in what we did when I was a teenager.
Me: Necking!

Stary: I had a big handicap as far as dating went... I watched Star Trek. That put me at a disadvantage. But I did kiss another girl who watched Star Trek.
Me: Oh, she's a catch!

French was pretty fun. Mr. Schultz was our sub since G-Unit still has the pneumonia. We played a very irritating game and then we watched the rest of Zoolander.

Now we are in the lovely class of Comp Lit, waiting with bated breath for it to be the weekend. Morgan joined us for the beginning of class, but then Pease kicked her out.

Pease: Morgan, go away!


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