"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Cocktail Parties

Well, today was pretty exciting. The musical for this year was announced. It will be Into the Woods. That sounds like fun.

On the bus, Mike brought up the topic of dreams.

Me: Last night I dreamt that a lime green iguana with red eyes was sleeping next to me on my pillow.
Alex: Iguanas are not lime green. They are camouflage.
Me: Don't fight with my subconscious.

Alex: The other night I dreamt that we went to our new land and went canoeing.
Caitlin and I: On dry land?
Alex: Yeah. We were seriously canoeing over, like, shrubs. And then we saw a black bear. And my dad said, "Look, kids! It's the Great American Eagle Black Bear!"

Let's see. My study hall and my math class are extraordinarily entertained and amazed by my sneezing ability. Thanks. You guys rock.

Tom, walking past Estufa's room: HOLA!

History was entertaining as always. First, Christine and I were talking about really random things.

Christine: I just see you as a cocktail party sort of person.
Me: What? What does that even mean?
Mrs. Campbell: Wait, what sort of a person is Kellie?
Christine: A cocktail party sort of person. Don't you think so?
Mrs. Campbell: Sure, I guess.

Well, you would think this would be the end of the conversation. But no. We had to bring this up for all of class. (And I still have no idea what they are talking about.)

Mrs. C: Do you guys know what hors d'oeuvres are? I mean, I know that Kellie does, because she has cocktail parties all the time.

Alyssa: Well, one of Benjamin Franklin's sayings was "the early bird gets the worm."
Mrs. C: And what does that mean?
Alyssa: Um... be early, don't be late.
Mrs. C, sarcastically: Eat worms.

Mrs. C: It was a big deal. It was like Dave Matthews coming to Alpine.
(Speaking of which, that is what we're listening to right now.)

Steve: Who even eats pickles anyway?
Mrs. C and I, at the same time, very defensively: I LOVE PICKLES.

During theology, we interrogated Tan Pants about what you say to someone when they ask you if they look fat and they do.

Tan Pants: Well, you could say something to make them stop liking the outfit. Like, "You don't have the shoes for that outfit."
Jacqueline: Do you say that to your wife?
Nick: What would you say to your wife?
Tan Pants: I would probably say, "I don't like how you look in that dress."
Other Jaci: And do you sleep on the couch that night?

The rest of the day was pretty boring. My French presentation went well except for a certain miscreant complaining about Oxford commas. And Mike says things in the most bizarre tone of voice.

Oh, and guess what? Comp Lit is still a complete waste of time. "I need to hear typing, not talking!" Okay then.


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