"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Chels Says the Darndest Things

First of all, I love my bus.

Caitlin, talking about her geometry teacher: Sometimes, if you're answering a question, he looks at you and he smooshes his eyebrows together and squints, so it's like all this pale skin and a big black caterpillar of an eyebrow. It's terrifying.

Steve: You know what grows six inches in one night?
Me: Bamboo.
Caitlin: My lawn!!

Today in history, we got "brain food", meaning Jolly Rancher lollipops with chewy centers, because we're just so gosh darn smart.

Jacob, halfway through the test: HEY! Are these supposed to have chewy centers?
Everyone: Um, yeah.
Jacob: Okay. Good. I was kind of freaking out. I thought that mine was defective.

Anyway. I like that our test mentioned cannibalism in a completely random way. I thought it was rather appropriate.

Lunch was all about falling over in the hallway and random conversation, and the Molly-Kellie Girl Scouts Honor high-five.


Alex: Vicky, that was a face of total bewilderment.

Alex: How's the sax going for you you?
(Molly and I hear "How's the sex going for you?")
Molly and me: What?!

Vicky: My driver's ed class is so weird. There's this kid, and he always says "MAJOR!"

English class was ridiculous as usual.

Alyssa, on Benjamin Franklin's "hanging" quote: So they all die?!

Stary: He didn't name all the French girls he slept with, like, "Well, there was Mrs. So-and-So."
Me: Mrs.?!?!

French class was obscene. Student Teacher got to teach us. She is so different from Madame. She expects order and control. Which Madame never does, ever. Madame is disorder and un-control.

Maggie: Paul said that dogs say "garf garf" in France.
Madame: They do not say "barf barf."

Mike: I'm trouble.
(Mike goes up to the board, draws a smily face, and writes "Mr. Happy," then sits down.)

Kelsey: I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock and roll.
Me: Kelsey's an Osmond!

(Kelsey starts rocking.)
Madame: Stop rocking!

Student Teacher (three times): Read your sandwiches, please.

I hate comp lit.

But I love talking on the phone with Chels!

Chels: I never knew that she was sarcastic. I always pictured her running through a field of flowers with a crown of roses in her hair, wearing a sundress and giving all the children of the land baskets of fruit!

Chels: There are these pills that make you tall. I'm serious. Go to HeightMax.com. I think you should buy them, Kel.

Chels: Stary is in the paper... he looks like a fruity Van Helsing.

Chels: Probably 'cuz her eyes got infested with... uhhhhh... I dunno. Jell-O.

Chels: I really think that if you took an eye out of the socket, it would be like Jell-O.

Chels: Someday I'm just going to go up to him and be like, "Tell her you love her!" and run away.

Chels: And then he and Helga--- I mean, Julie...

Chels: We can put it in her purse. I mean, people do that with drugs all the time.
Me: No, they don't. They put drugs in drinks.
Chels: Drinks, purses, same thing.

So, there you have it. All I ever do is talk on the phone with Chels. Oooh yeah, Operation Mix Tape.


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