"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Freddie Mercury

Oh, my gosh. School is so entertaining. Or should I say, my friends are so entertaining.

What is not so entertaining is that I was late for school today because it turns out my bus doesn't come to the stop the bus service told me to go to, because the main street of Allouez is all torn up. So now I have no idea where I'm supposed to catch my bus in the morning. Oh, well. It shortened study hall up a bit, what can I say?

Bio and Geometry were pretty much the same. History was fun as usual. I rocked the vocab with "bureaucracy." Oh ho ho. And Erik makes me laugh. "That's spelled with a K! I'm named after him." "Erik. No. It's not." He was still on that kick in English, too. Oh boy.

Theology was fun because Barbie, despite living in Wisconsin, had no idea that deer meat was edible.

Tan Pants: You can, you know, do Hunt for the Hungry or whatever.
Barbie: How's a dead deer gonna help a hungry person?!
Random Person: Food! Duh!
(Long pause.)
Barbie: Wait--- you can eat deer?!

Okay then. Lunch is the highlight of my life. I love it to pieces. Well, I love today's lunch conversations to pieces.

Maggie: I feel gross, because I'm not wearing any makeup.
Vicky: I'm not wearing any either! I'm just naturally beautiful!
Me: I wear a little!
Vicky, touching my face for no reason: No, you don't--- wait. I can tell that you're wearing blush!
Me: No...
Vicky, now patting my face and talking in this crazy grandma voice: Oh! That's so cute, that's just your natural face! Awww!

Oh Vicky. Then Chelsea wanted to tell Mr. Brooker that he is Freddie Mercury, or at least she thinks so. You can imagine how amusing this was, but I will tell you what happened anyway. I was there for moral support, and Alex was there to laugh at our expense, which is funny, because it's usually the other way around.

Chels: Mr. Brooker, has anybody ever told you that if you had a mustache, you would look like Freddie Mercury?
Mr. Brooker: What?
Chels: You know, the lead singer of Queen.
Mr. Brooker: I know who he is, but... I don't want to look like Freddie Mercury! He's dead! (We laugh.) And very gay!
(An awkward, what-in-hell?-our-associate-principal-just-said-"gay" pause.)
Mr. Brooker I think you should go tell Mrs. Campbell that. She's at the front desk. I'm sure she'll think it's very funny.
(So we vamanos out to the front desk.)
Me: Hi! Mr. Brooker sent us out here to tell you that Chelsea thinks he looks like Freddie Mercury.
Mrs. Campbell, laughing very hard: Oh my god, that's hilarious. That's so great. I always tell him that he looks like that cat from Alice in Wonderland. What's it called?
Alex: The Cheshire Cat!
Me: Oh my gosh, he does look like the Cheshire Cat! That's perfect.
Mrs. Campbell: Yeah, he thinks he looks like Ben Affleck or somebody, though.

Yes. Pretty much the most enjoyable lunch conversations of forever. You so wish you were a part of them.

English was also pretty amusing. We talked about Erik's hypochondriac dog, alligator on a stick, and "downright joyous." That class is going to be way too much fun. Oh, and Molly had a laughing fit because of this conversation:
Me: KR always stares at me during Geometry.
Erik: Kellie, he sits in front of you.
Me: Well, he could at least pretend to blink sometimes!
[Molly cracks up.]

Review time in French class. Which was actually fun. According to Madame, I have adopted Pencil Case.

Madame: You've adopted Pencil Case!
Me: Um. No. I never signed that paper. I never made that decision.
Madame: Oh, I must have made that decision for you. Don't make that face, somebody has to.
Me: Some adoption service you are.

After class we had a good laugh about "tan pants", which she of course had no recollection of ever saying, and therefore thought was just hilarious.

I love that we have yet to use actual computers in Comp Lit. Yeah, that makes so much sense. Goodness gracious.

I had to go back to get my French workbook after school, because I realized that I actually would have time to do it, and so Madame asked me, "Why is Pencil Case so giggly all the time?!" Yes. Giggly. Also, why would I know this?

Tonight I went to Target and bought the new Death Cab for Cutie CD. It is so good. I love it. If you have never listened to Death Cab in your life, you should. Oh, who am I kidding, I will probably force it upon you. Then my mom and I sat in the car and took funny pictures of ourselves on her cameraphone. Haha. That was enjoyable. "Nice aim!" "Oh, I look drunk in that picture." "No, you just look manic." "Look, it's my lone dimple!" Oh, yes. It was quite fun.


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