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The Blog is Back? Apparently So.

Oh, first day of school. And what a great way to start it, in the longest study hall of my entire life. I honestly thought it would never end. And then it was off to Bio B. Which seems like it will be quite easy.

You would think that Geometry with Trigonometry would imply things that, you know, weren't algebra. But apparently not? Erik and I were terribly confused. And what is with all this new business of not leaving at the bell and waiting to be dismissed? Why do we have that in every class this year and zero classes last year? Oh, and before walking into Geo w/ Trig, I was thinking, "Gee, math... I don't have Paul in my class this year! Oh my. That's exciting."

Yeah, except that the second I get into the room, I hear, "KELLIE!" from the corner of the room. And just guess who it was? Paul.

So then it was time for history. I was talking to Erik and Caitlin, and all of the sudden, Jacob rushes into the room, sits behind me, and announces at the top of his lungs that I am, indeed, his MySpace friend. Oh Jacob. He proceeded to make noise and laugh at people for the whole of class, where we mostly played If You Were an Animal, What Animal Would You Be. Then we played another game called Let's Make the Foreign Exchange Student Make Animal Sounds. Then Erik laughed at me for having theology next and I told him that I'd had about enough of his lip today. Oh, and Phong's new name is Lars, which makes me laugh to absolutely no end.

So, theology. Pretty sure we managed to only talk about sex ten bazillion and a half times already. But that class will be fun, because Maggie and I will probably just laugh at people at random moments that no one else does and make fools of ourselves, as usual. But we will be having about 6,000 times much more fun than anyone else in Sophomore Sex Talk-- I mean, Theology.

Next it was lunch time. Woo-hoo. I like to eat, who doesn't? Except my yogurt melted, and then I was sad. But Pencil Case taunted people with French fries, and Alex and I had ridiculous conversations, and so it was a good time. Alex makes me laugh harder than anyone I know. "I ran into a tree while playing night games!" Sure, Alex. Sounds good to me.

Then it was time for English. Stary just talked about random things like rules, just like everyone else. He, of course, took it upon himself to use Chelsea and I (the drama nerds) as examples of everything. So you would think we were juvenile delinquents who can't dress ourselves and have nothing better to do in English than eat chips? Yes. Oh, and then he used me as the know-it-all example, and declared "this one is actually true." Thanks, Stary. But we get to journal in that class. I like that.

Oh French class. All that ever happens is that we antagonize Madame. First I decided to rename her G-Money. She didn't like that. So now I need a new nickname for her that is appropriately ghetto but not the already-used G-Dawg. Then we just antagonized her about the new attendance policy. Soon we'll be antagonizing her about the state of the hallways, broken locker handles, and other petty things she has no control over.

Me: But what if I have an emergency root canal?
Madame: Kellie, I honestly don't think anyone ever seriously needs an emergency root canal.
Me: Maybe I will.

Maybe I really will have an emergency root canal, just to spite her. She still thinks I've grown, too. This is perfectly ridiculous because I am the exact same height she made fun of for the whole of last year.

Finally she just got fed up with us and told us we would just have to talk to "Meeeeester Broooooooker." Then Pencil Case started laughing maniacally for no reason because he "had a visual of Madame jumping on the table and whooping." Okay, then. Then she just made Chels and me tape stuff up that's going to come down anyway? Oh, the extraneous effort.

Afterward, it was time for Comp Lit. Well, if that isn't a total waste, I don't know what is. The only good part was sitting by Pencil Case and Joe, and notes. Dumpster-Diving! Oh, and then our numerous re-namings. "Mrs. Carrots! Mrs. Potatoes!" "Yeah, Pencil Case. Mrs. Vitamin C! Mrs. Night Vision!"

Oh, school, what am I going to do about you?


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