"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Harvey Juanito

Last night, Chelsea and I went on a walk. This sounds perfectly normal, but it was Chelsea, so you can bet it wasn't. She decides we are going to bring a pinata on our walk through good old King of Arms. I was not enthused about this idea and tried to employ Chelsea's mom to make her leave the pinata at home, but she just said, "Chelsea, if anyone asks you what your mother is named, say my name is Juanita."

So we go walking through good old King of Arms, and, yes, that is its technical name. Everyone who sees us stares at our pinata, of course. Somewhere in here, Chelsea decides that the pinata is her baby and that its name is Harvey Juanito. Also that I am its godmother. We go to the top of a very large hill and there is a cool house that is, according to Chelsea, Brett Favre's old house. I take a picture of Chels and Harvey Juanito, and then I take an emo picture of myself with an extreme angle that really is not flattering to my gigantic chin at all but whatever.

Now, one of the people who saw us on our little excursion was Shaggy Skater Boy. He went by on his skateboard and laughed at us, then we saw him again, and he said, "Imagine seeing you again." Chelsea asked, "Do you like our pinata?" He replied, laughing, "Very much." So everyone thought we were crazy.

When we got home, we had a very bad craving for ice cream. First we went to Hansens' but it was mobbed. Then we ventured off to Baskin-Robbins where we saw Kara and Emily. That was fun, and I had a delicious kiddie cone of chocolate chip cookie dough.

The rest of the night somehow involved a pink spoon from Baskin-Robbins in ways I would not like to detail on here. Oh, and Chelsea is obsessed with full names. We had some good times with old Holy Family yearbooks and I'd wished I'd brought my old SMS one. We also decided that I am going to make her go to the SMS Christmas program next year (I am obliged to go anyway, as is Betty, but I want to show Chelsea my first-- and only-- starring role in anything, ever) and, as revenge, she gets to take me to the HFS Christmas program. But it is actually exciting because Christmas programs are. And there are two full pages of the HFS yearbook which involve adults making fools of themselves? Definitely. And the whole thing is in color. I can fully say that SMS was jipped.

Oh, and there was also singing of showtunes to be had? Yeah. That was so fun. Chelsea with her high soprano and me with my alto, oh yeah.


Blogger Van Chelsing babbled mindlessly...

Oh goodness, we have so much fun together.

Harvey Juanito is still here and happy. I think the Baskin Robins spoon is too. And the Lit Mag that I read 2 1/4 times. And the work we never really did. And the chicken nuggets that we ate by the curb. And the showtunes that we sang for a good 2 hours. Hee.

Hope you had a good time at the wedding! :D

Talk to you later Gepetto.

Loves from Pinnochio.

11:01 PM


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