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Yoga Time, Democratic Priveleges, and Other Such Tales

Today in French, we had yoga time. This involved laying on our backs with our legs against the wall. Now, even though I was up this morning at six doing yoga as I do every morning, this was excellent. Apparently it is because all the useless, excess blood in your feet travels to your head and wakes you up. Oh, and Pencil Case fell over.

English, we corrected tests, and ICP, we had a continuation of the lab test, and in theology, we corrected tests. Everything was tests this morning. Well, tests, my chronic lateness, and Madame's fashion tips and critiques:

"Don't dress sleazy."

"He has three shirts on, all with the collars flipped up. Is it because he's cold? Do I get to give him three referrals instead of one?"

Lunch, we had voting for class presidents and I considered cheating the democratic system and voting under Chelsea's name, but did not. Maggie also brought very delicious cookies. Math was tiring and I could have used more yoga time and during art we learned that I have cheekbones and a random scratch on my forehead that happened sometime in the night. Yes. This project is making us all so insecure about the little things.

So, my second roll of film did not come back. I'm very agitated. All my good pictures, apart from the locker ones and Girly Sweater in a sombrero, were on that roll. But, it was either the wrong film for the camera or (cough) put in wrong (and not by me.) Oh, well. It happens. There must be photo karma or somthing, because the Passport picture does not suck.

Oh, I very much hope the person I voted for wins President.

During history, we are going to talk about things that happened not even four years ago. Which is not history, by definition. Oh, well. Also, whoever spent 27 minutes after school on Tuesday reading my blog from a school computer, please tell me. It is kind of freaking me out, considering that the library was closed on Tuesday afternoon. (And, yes, you can thank SiteMeter for my newfound status as Big Brother.)


Anonymous Anonymous babbled mindlessly...

So how fast can the "brilliantly fast-typing kellinka" type anyway? :P

9:55 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Rougly 63 words per minute, if you really want to know.

2:07 PM


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