"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


We Heart Jaile. No, Not Like Prison.

Oh, Betty. You are my funniest. I promise that Jaile will be in my purse tonight. Maybe even in shiny silver gift wrap. But probably not.

Today before school, I went to go drop my stuff off in the French room, where they were watching Thumbtanic and enjoying it greatly. Well, everyone but Madame and I, who thought we could feel our IQs dropping. Seriously. Who thinks to make a movie with thumbs? Anyway, after watching Pirates of the Caribbean, getting yelled at, and vulgar comments from Paul, French class was over.

In English, we read more Romeo and Juliet and there was more Poppa G being wise and funny. ICP involved more ray diagrams (good god) and theology was... I forgot.

You know what is funny about people? They can remember totally random things from their childhood, totally unimportant things, as vividly as possible. Yet they can't remember what they did two hours ago or where they put their shows, and sometimes, people remember the important things, but they're a little fuzzy, not fully there.

Lunch was fun. Lots and lots of sugar, and mockery of hand gestures (mine, and someone else's) from Erik. Oh, and a brilliant semi-fictional idea for a novel was conceived. I also made Betty a very pretty locker sign and Erik lectured me on which of my shoes look the best on me, after which I enlightened him on the punching.

Math was pretty boring. ABC talked about how she was a loser in high school and referred to the Goths at her school as "black-haired wannabes." Art was fairly boring but at least it was short.

Graduation tonight with Pencil Case! Very exciting.


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