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Schedule, My Pretties

Oh goodness. My schedule for next year is brilliance times a million. Seriously. It is so full of goodness that I just want to frame it and put it up on my wall and admire it all the time.

Today has actually been not too interesting apart from that. During French, we wrote sentences and none of us could remember our vocab. Paul behaved stupidly and, on that front, nothing else was new. We also got our schedules, which was fun.

English was fun. I love Romeo and Juliet due mostly to the humorously toneless readings of our class. Very funny. Oh, and I saw Betty's schedule, not so much of the pretties, but if anyone can survive it, it's her. ICP was a quiz that felt really easy, which probably means it was really very hard. But yay for ray diagrams anyway. Theology, I think we talked about annulment and divorce and whatnot, but don't quote me on that one, buddies.

Lunch was fun stuff. I corrected exams and told Madame about why the first floor hallway smelled like cigarette smoke (some brilliant person put a lit cigarette in the Jesus statue's mouth.) There was some screaming insanity from Maggie at lunch about ray diagrams and other such craziness which I am quite certain that the whole cafeteria heard. It was a very long scream and it involved head banging. All this over convex and concave lenses, yes.

Math was review. And Art was crazy. Pencil Case, Chelsey and I sat next to each other, along with Matt, and then Becky and Allison until those two got tired of us and left. Which basically means that we did approximately nothing. This is mostly because Pencil Case decides to mess up my drawing and make me laugh, then blames Chelsey as Matt asks if someone could please slap him. He also told me about his schedule change, which means that we have Bio B, French, and Comp Lit/Study Hall together. Fun stuff. Then he drew a picture of Whoopi Goldberg on the back of my self-portrait.

Pencil Case: Well, Paul was saying, "This is the difference between me and Ethan. I am straight-gay. Ethan is gay-gay. It is like having a purple llama and a llama llama. One is really a llama, the other is just purple and pretending to be."

Yes. If there were actually words of wisdom to be had from Paul, those would be it.

Oh, and let us just take a moment to say that I totally figured out the mystery of Dana/Zach/Deirdre/Paul/Mary Alice/Angela/Mike about three episodes of Desperate Housewives ago? And I so did. La Mere can confirm this. It was when we were coloring my hair in front of the telly one night.

And the finale of Grey's Anatomy? So good. Although I really wanted to jump into the TV and hurt Patrick Dempsey. Just not his very attractive face. But, you know, enough to make him feel bad about what he'd done. There is probably some nice little explanation that will wrap everything up, though.


Blogger jenn see babbled mindlessly...

who is this pencil case?

i just wandered by, & i must say i'm intrigued.

2:07 PM

Blogger Kate babbled mindlessly...

I will admit that I love Grey's Anatomy. Mostly George. PD is really pretty too, of course.

9:07 PM

Blogger Van Chelsing babbled mindlessly...

Hello Kellie-doo.

My mom picked up my schedule!!
I have French with you and Ben! 7th period, right? And I have STARY for English. Mmm, perfect. AND study hall 8th period. Well, you can read about that at my blog which I updated today.

But I have Bio B 1st period, which is just nucking futs. I don't want to disect some little nasty at 8 in the morning.

Tell me your schedule!

9:39 AM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Kate-- Grey's Anatomy really is a good show. Completely ridiculously unrealistic with the whole sex aspect, but good nonetheless.

Chels-- we have French, English, and study hall (at least second semester, but I'm working for Madame) together! I e-mailed you my full scheudle, avec sarcastic remarks that I shouldn't put on here because you never know who reads this.

1:59 PM


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