"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"Oh, you can keep it!"

Today has been okay, in a very long sort of way. Can I just say that I am eternally grateful that NDA is not a block-scheduled school?

During math, we had a very easy test and ABC made fun of the announcements and added things of her own to them, such as, "All spring athletes, please return your jerseys the day after your season ends or we will beat you to a bloody pulp."

Art, we had a very long part one of our final exam. Which carries no finality whatsoever, because it is only part one, and so we don't even have the comfort of being fully done with the class. Pencil Case left his pencil on the table, an as we were leaving, this conversation took place:
Jenny: Pencil Case! You left your pencil here.
Pencil Case: Oh, well.... you can keep it! [Runs out of the room with me and our uber-humorous senior issues of The Tritonian.)

Lunch involved Erik and I walking around thanks to my craving for exercise, and me having to tell him things three times in a row, and pretty flowery pens and free candy. Delicious. Anyway. It is now time to study for a so-called history test about things that happened 4 years ago so that I don't get a 95 and have Mr. Blaney yell at me.

Pretty much, yeah. God knows how important memorizing those terrorist groups are, and only knowing 95 percent of them? Blasphemy! (Mountain Dew cannot possibly be good for me.)

Maggie, I just realized we have to know the name of the Unabomber for the test. Really. Please say you were also tempted to put, "Bondage, on the bus ride from Madison after State, therefore causing Maggie to fall on the floor of the bus four times." Or maybe that's just me.

So, I actually got 104 on my test, hence no yellings-at from Mr. Blaney. Good stuff. Then wasted the rest of class, which was about 70 minutes, by wandering, writing in my notebook, and being generally a loser. Awesome.

Play practice was fun, mainly for the benefit of singing "Happy Birthday" to T. Lee approximately 8000 times, and Tom doing impressions of every teacher in the school side stage.

"Someone wrote a dirty word on the Pillsbury Doughboy... well, I don't know if I can tell you... I don't think we can use it for popcorn reading anymore... it's too dirty. Okay. Someone wrote... pppppoooooooop... on the Pillsbury Doughboy. I tried to wash it, but it wouldn't come off... I guess the Doughboy wanted pooooooop to stay."

Cut to Maggie and I almost wetting ourselves. You might have had to be there. Basically, this was triggered by Tom's decision that he was going to perform most of the teacher quotes from the Tritonian.

I also ran around after school for long periods of time, dancing. This led to Mr. Blaney and Mr. Brooker laughing at me. Then again, according to Pencil Case, Brooker walked into a bathroom door, and you know what they say about stones and glass houses. Just kidding.

Also, at the grocery store, my mom trusted me with a cart and then made fun of me repeatedly.
La Mere: Be careful. Don't run into the old man, Kellie. (I lose my focus and narrowly miss the old man.) KELLIE! I told you to be careful! Gosh! (Goes on a random spree of quoting Napoleon Dynamite and then giggles maniacally.)


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I wanted to put Bondage!! The temptation was huge!

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