"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Heather. I mean, Hannah. I mean, Hayley.

Yes. Fun weekend. Pencil Case is the funniest person ever, as is the ancient collection of Diet Pepsi in my basement. Oh, yes, "Super Bowl 35 party cans" rock the house.

Today has been pretty boring. Before school, Betty and I were making shirts in the Commons, which involved lots of puffy paint. I love puffy paint. As a child, I once ate puffy paint. Anyway.

Then it was off to French. Madame was making up stories that were supposed to help us understand negatives in the past tense. First, the helping verb and the past participle were acquaintances, and then they were suddenly married but having affairs.

Me: What?! How can they be having affairs if they are just acquaintances?
Madame: Oh, be quiet. It used to be a prom story, so just be grateful.

Paul: Maggie is lustful!
[Pencil Case and I almost die laughing.]

English, more Call of the Wild. Talked a lot about Alaska and how different it is. Then it was off to ICP, which was fairly uninteresting. Theology, I forgot about my test but still did well, because all but one question was true/false.

Also during theology, I wrote a note to Betty. I was talking about social institutions, the AGIL paradigm, and how ridiculous Marx's ideas were, which totally confused her. Whatever. This is what I do while I watch Desperate Housewives, I half-watch and read smart-people books at the same time so I don't feel totally stupid. Betty gave me this survey where you find out if your mindset is similar to 98% of the population or to 2%. I was a 2%-er, go figure.

Math, boring, but we had a sub and so it didn't matter that I didn't do my gigantic assignment. During Art, we played 20 Questions, which was more like 20 Clues, except that it was totally demented.

Artsie Tartsie: "I am known for my humor and practicality."
Weird Kid: Artsie Tartsie!
[The answer was Benjamin Franklin.]

Gidget: So, wait, these are, like, real people?

Artsie Tartie: "I am known only by my first name."
Patrick: Madonna?
Artsie Tartsie: Nope. "I am known for my sexy dresses."
Weird Kid: Um... Princess Diana?
[The answer was Cher.]

Artsie Tartsie: "I can be French or Russian."
Me: Revolution?
Pencil Case: Madame!
[The answer was bread.]


Blogger Sk8RN babbled mindlessly...

Very entertaining - I just happened upon your site. My favorite line: "This is what I do while I watch Desperate Housewives, I half-watch and read smart-people books at the same time so I don't feel totally stupid." You're a hoot!

5:38 PM

Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

Kellie, listen to sk8rn. You are a hoot. Well, tell Hannah hi for me!


8:24 PM


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