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Heat Stroke

Kodak, your processing website is very vague. I still have no clear idea of if my pictures are ready to be picked up or not. Speaking of pictures, I'm having my Passport picture taken today. Hopefully I will not look like a psychotic doll as I did in my last one (then again, I was six.)

French is just psychotic. Really, there are not any other words. First we all thought that "prendre un coup du soleil" (to take a hit from the sun, literally) meant to get a sunburn, but instead, it means to get heat stroke. This meant that we said heat stroke in reference to approximately everything, particularly things that have to relevance to heat stroke whatsoever.

"Tu dois mettre le creme solaire."
"Translate, please."
"You have to put on sunscreen."
"Yeah, or you'll get heat stroke."

"Now, let's not all get heat stroke over this."

Then there was Maison d'Etre, our new totally morbid way of remembering our relocation/MR and MRS D VANDERTRAPP words. See, it is a picture of a house and it has all our relocation verbs that describe what you do in a house. Complete with a balcony, with an arrow coming out of it and pointing to the ground, complete with the label "TOMBER (to fall)". Yes, quite morbid.

English involved the longest test you could dream about the stupidest book you can imagine. ICP involved lab tests and theology involved talking about history and historians, and so I actually enjoyed it for once. Maybe because for once it was not all, "Blerg! [spews pea soup over all other religions like the scary girl in The Exorcist.]" Okay, that was a bit dramatic.

Math involved a review worksheet masquerading as a quiz, which of course most of us actually did well on for once. Art involved a lot of realizing more facial flaws, Pencil Case and I making ridiculous faces for the last ten minutes of class, and chastisement for making fun of each other.

Today has actually been pretty dramatic as far as school gossip goes, but none of it is very sordid or dramatic (well, not much on that count), and mainly just concerned with people being stupid, so it isn't really worth detailing here, unfortunately.


Anonymous Betty babbled mindlessly...

hee, i love the fact that the "school gossip" which indeed was extremely interesting did not make it into your blog but make it into our notes. lol. besides only select few would understand.

8:15 PM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

It wasn't interesting insomuch as that it involved people being completely and totally moronic. Which is kind of funny. But, on a scale of funny school gossip, it is nowhere near Brooker-table-jumping and leagues away from sugar for the lounge.

8:19 PM

Blogger Wolfae babbled mindlessly...

The pea soup thing...yeah...that was funny. :)

I'm such a blog dweeb! GARSH!

8:24 AM


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