"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."



Graduation was very long and very fun and very painful for the tootsies all at once.

First, we picked Pencil Case up very early and ended up very, very early for graduation mass. Also, Pencil Case, the old beard guy mountain man with the TV show is, I think, Grizzly Adams. Before all this, there was an incident entitled "Kellie Getting Ready", which involved me making my hair cute and flippy, but then my head got attacked with cheap hairspray ("That hairspray is awful. It's like helmet head." -La Mere, after I tell her about the incident) and so I had to brush out all my hair flippies.

Graduation mass was not as long as expected, but still fairly boring. Well, except that it wouldn't be a mass without watching people flirt and Pencil Case thinking that one of our catholic religious leaders, this time the bishop, was a Jew.

Pencil Case: Oh, is he a Jew? He looks like a Jew. I mean, he's wearing a yarmulke.
Maggie and I: Pencil Case, that's the bishop.
[The bishop starts singing.]
Pencil Case: And I thought Barbra Streisand was the only singing Jew!

Then we had quite some time to kill between mass and the actual commencement. So, what did we do? We ate, of course. And hid Pencil Case's waterbottle. And I talked to Betty and Erik and told them about some things and whatnot before they played "Pomp and Circumstance" 900 times. Oh, and congrats to the band for not passing out after all that totally circular playing. You guys were excellent.

By this point, Maggie and I had clinically dead, very blistered, and dreadfully bloody feet. Yay for women's shoes.

The commencement was very long and really not too interesting. Kathleen and Gina both gave really good speeches, and I had to explain the whole sheet with the faculty and staff's degrees and departments on it to Paul, who was like, "BS? What does that mean?! How can you get a BA in Director of Development? What classes do you take for that?" I took about a bazillion pictures, which I will drop off to get developed today.

Afterward, Maggie and I had a mild breakdown of happiness about the newfound concept of air circulation and ability to breathe and then we went to Barnes and Noble with La Mere. While we were there, we ate dinner (at nine at night), checked out the guy working at Starbucks, Maggie made up very obvious code names, and then she was shocked by how loud I listen to music.

Afterward, La Mere and I went home and tried to watch Ocean's Twelve but fell asleep so decided to turn the movie off. And that was my loverly Friday night. Today, for the record, I am going to go buy belts, which the lunch table had better appreciate. Oh, and I am holding out for a very fun late-night chat with Betty again.


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