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Finals, Day One

Oh, goodness. Today, I would have to say that I thoroughly kicked the butts of both my finals. Fun. Tomorrow is another story, but today was actually fun.

It began in French. Despite my grand total of zero minutes of studying outside of class, I finished the exam in seventeen minutes and got 100%. Being linguistically gifted is fun. I got to spend the rest of the class doing book count for Madame and running down to the office to hang out with my office folk... actually to explain to the office folk that Madame has no idea what she should do about book count because she seems to have thrown out her book count from the beginning of the year... but that is the same thing in different words, really. So Pencil Case and I took book count, and then Madame and I said our farewells, which was depressing, and I somehow got enlisted to help her set up her room at the end of the summer. Le sigh... Russians... what are you going to do about them?

Next we had seventh hour, study hall. We all had to report to the Commons or Library, and I went to the Commons. Bad idea. Toe Touches was there, ensuring that all of us would not use our iPods or CD players. What? Very frustrating. So I taught myself about the Latin American Revolutions in case we had that essay for history, which was a good idea. Also, Mr. Blaney told me a large saga about the vending machine eating his dollar... okay then.

The history exam was fun, because it was maps and essays. Now, if I learnt one thing from middle school history (there were actually a lot of things we learned, but this is a figure of speech, my dears), it is maps. And essays plus history equals love. Shawn and I got to draw the numbers for the essays. He drew the evil Latin American Revolution question, which I did very well on, and I drew the fun one about why the US and the USSR hated each other before the Cold War, in which I showed paralyzing sarcasm. Final history exam grade: 98%.

Tomorrow will not be so happy... ICP, then Algebra II, then art... but whatever.

Play practice was the usual. It involved Logan's violent tendencies, Squirrel and Maggie flirting, Stary making fun of us all, the chairs in the auditorium eating my legs as bystanders laugh, attempting to memorize ICP laws and realizing that I don't actually have to, but only after giving myself a headache about them. You know where someone is not watching you in a creepy way, but rather just observing you? That is funny.

Oh, and I would like to mention that T. Lee yelled my name during the fraction final from the hallway, then sang the "Sesame Street" song after Mike closed the door, a very large occurance which sent me into manic giggles.

Well, I'm off to memorize some physics equations, and probably eat my own head out of frustration.


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