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Derogatory Things Written on Windows

I came to school early-ish today to get some studying in for the lovely exams of Algebra 2 and Introduction to Chemistry and Physics. Well, I go to the Commons in hopes of meeting Maggie, and Girly Sweater is immediately there, telling me that dirty things have been written on the Commons ceiling windows about Brooker. So, I get there, and indeed, dirty things had been written. I am not going to repeat what they were, first off, because you never know if children or the elderly happen to read these things, and second of all, because it is a ridiculously immature insult. Maggie had better ideas about things to write up there, anyway.

Anyway, much funnier than the actual act of vandalism were people's reactions to it.

Me: Betty, look up.
Betty: I'm not going to! You're playing a prank on me!
Me: You are such a cynic. Would you just look up? There are derogatory things written about Brooker up there.
Betty: Yeah, right...
Me: Would you just look up?!?!
(Betty does and has the funniest facial expression ever.)

Yes. So, today was ICP and math exams, and those were not so happy. Oh, well. Art was okay, except that I had to draw a human being, also known as Pencil Case. Le sigh. So, I'm ready for school to be done.


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