"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Champagne Supernova

Today I am not going to be negative and I will talk only about things I love. So, I love having new favorite songs. Anyway.

Let's see... today was De La Baie Fest. Very fun. Dunk Tank was a success. Had totally random conversations with people and was elected official photographer. This means that I took pictures of:
1. Pencil Case trying to pose sexy.
2. Frau trying to pose sexy with Madame shouting that no one should ever see this picture ever.
3. People flirting.
4. Random Dunk Tank stuff I was told to take pictures of.
5. Cute boys.
6. Random things.
7. Erik wanting me to not take his picture.

Madame: So, you took 18 pictures and you have 24 on the roll. So how many do you have left?
Me, stupidly: Four.
Madame: No, Kellie. Six. Six pictures left.
Me: I told you I was mathematically retarded!

Also today, I salsaed with Elizabeth and later Brooker thought I was meditating, which was amusing. Then I told him the link to this blog, which he thinks he will never remember. We shall see.

I love having code words for things because it is fun to randomly go up to your peeps and say, "Oh, Peep, I have something to tell you later. It involves sugar, you know, in the lounge." However, when Erik points and loudly shouts, "OH MY GOD SUGAR IN THE LOUNGE!", that is not quite as fun. Because people start to stare. Not that they aren't to begin with.

Also, I love Reeses' peanut butter cup ice cream sandwich things that are pretty much the only thing I ate all day except for a chocolate chip cookie. Yes to healthy eating. Just kidding.

And I love talking on the phone with my Chelsea, who I miss so much.

I am trying to think of what happened in actual school today. During theology I read my sociology book, because I think I might be in love with that, too. During French we watched Pirates of the Caribbean and Abigail brought a most delicious, very sugary birthday treat.


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