"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Pencil Case's Foot Doesn't Walk Anymore

Yesterday after school, Pencil Case made me go ask Madame how to say some German thing, and this conversation took place.
Madame: German is just wrong. They have no vowels.
Me: Madame, you are Russian. You should be used to having no vowels whatsoever.
Madame: Russian has a perfectly normal amount of vowels! You never have more than two consonants in a row!
[Erik and I are in stunned silence when we actually realize that she is serious.]
Me: Okay, it's not as bad as, like, Polish.
Erik: But when you transliterate it, you have about five consonants to every vowel!
Madame: Well, that is not a problem with Russian. That is a problem with English.

Then last night, I somehow managed to survive my grandmother's birthday party. We had fortune cookies, and she took great delight in adding "in bed" to the ends of all of them.
Me: You will advance your skills.
Saint Julia: In BED!

This morning in French, we had Fun French Friday. We watched Dumb and Dumber, probably one of my least favorite movies of all time. Its title is quite appropriate. Then it was off to English, where we had a test. Between French and English, Pencil Case poked his head in the Spanish room and yelled, "ESTUFA!!"

ICP somehow went insane. I should have known this was not going to be a normal class when I somehow got a 96 on my test, but the class got (if possible) even crazier from that point.

Adult Hermione: If you were to be inside a microwave, you would blow up. Any animal will blow up in a microwave, the hamster, a canary. Please do not go to the pet store and buy an animal to microwave.

Jack, totally randomly: The aliens would have won anyway. They could reproduce from their own saliva.
[Total silence.]

Adult Hermione: Oh, speaking of peoples' eyes blowing up!

Then we talked about dress code and a gross boy taking pictures down girls' pants with his cameraphone. Adult Hermione also said the word slutty, then couldn't believe she had actually said the word slutty. She is hilarious.

During lunch, I swear, Betty and Erik make me laugh harder than anyone else. Erik says he will wear lip gloss for money, and Betty just tells me horror tales of Mr. B-Squared's first-hour history class. For example, he pronounced "de la Salle" "day la Sally."

Before Art, Pencil Case and I called La Mere on the telephone. Art was psychotic as usual. I tried to throw an eraser and Weird Kid and missed. He also made fun of April's roots. The hair kind.
Weird Kid: Oh, come on, he is practically dead. He has died, like, three times already and it is not like anyone is going to miss him. They will probably thank us.

After Art, Pencil Case's foot was just dangling there and would not walk. It was very funny. He did regain his muscle strength, by the way.


Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

My foot did not work...true story.

On a lighter note...I got a new French dictionary and my very own copy of 501 French Verbs. Oh, god...it helps a ton...at least I am ready for tomorrow's quiz! That is, if Madame remembers about it.

4:20 PM


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