"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Nasal Cavity

Congratulations Chelsea on getting your temps!! And congrats to Wolfae for becoming team captain for soccer!

Today we got to watch The Incredibles, a.k.a. Les Incroyables, during French. I love that movie so much. However, we need to finish it, because I am desperate to know how to say "Your baby has special needs!" en francais.

Also in French, I felt crazy. Not that this is something I don't usually feel in that class, but you get the idea. During the announcements, mainly, was when the craziness began. I talked in a commercial person voice and said things like, "Yeah, so, nice commas there! Not!" Then we talked about Dunk Tank and looked at pictures from Dunk Tank last year.

Abigail: We should put Mr. Blaney in the Dunk Tank! That would be hilarious!
Madame: No, we can't. Not with his heart condition.

English was funny. I went to the bathroom and wandered the halls, and when I came back, Chelsea was gone and no one knew of her whereabouts. I was worried that she'd gone to look for me and couldn't find me, so I went to look for her, and then I found her. It turns out she was going to the bathroom also. On the way back to English, we saw D, and Poppa D (who refuses to do Dunk Tank, but volunteered Blumerich to do so), and Blumerich (who told us the same stories about Dunk Tank that Madame had about an hour before.) We also disrupted the Frater's class with Poppa D, so Frater told us to stop disrupting. This was because Pencil Case was making a lot of manic pointing gestures at us.

ICP... 91 on my quiz! Studying is magical! Sometimes I type very quickly and manically and loudly and I don't realize I am doing so until people start to stare.

Anyway, lunchness. This involved insanity like Madame being on hold for two minutes, and then saying, "HOW LONG ARE THEY GOING TO KEEP ME ON HOLD?!" and Kelsey wrote things that looked like they were in Japanese.

It would be really nice if ABC put all our grades in PowerSchool, like our extra credit that was due before our quiz. That way, we would have an actual accurate estimation of what our grades really are. Jeez.

Art. Oh lords. That class is made for people who are insane, let me tell you. Believe you me. Here are some examples of the dementia:

Chair Humper: Barbie, I'm going to shove this in your nasal cavity!
Barbie: Like I even have one.

Yes, that is our art class. People who have no nasal cavities.

Then we had a big long assembly. After which Maggie made fun of my height. See, I am not under 5'. I am 5'1". There is a difference, just not to, you know, an amazon like Maggie. (She is 5'6". That is amazonian to me.) Also during the assembly, I got the silent giggles remembering the "ABUSE! ABUSE!" incident of wandering the halls with Pencil Case. Here is a link to that amazing and heartwarming tale, to refresh your memories. This tale will also remind you of how fantastically (bad) good I am at giving people nicknames. Really, I could not be more obvious if I tried, and, sadly, I wasn't trying.

Oh my Jesus, how do people manage to chew loudly with their mouths closed!? Bafflement. That sentence needed interrobang.


Blogger Wolfae babbled mindlessly...

Thank you!!!

Yeah, that is sooooooo Barbie...she's so retarded.

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