"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


He's a Keeper

I do not have to go to practice tonight. Yessss, much excitement.

This morning began with very crazy announcements from Mrs. Brown. Very funny. Then we ended up discussing Dunk Tank.

Pencil Case: I thought Estufa was doing Dunk Tank!
Madame: Yeah, well, Stoofer told me she does not want to do Dunk Tank.

Yes. Stoofer. That made me laugh for quite a while. It is in the same vein as other such words, like, "Meester Brooooker" and "flame-able" and "doooorable."

Anyway, then it was off to English. Poppa G said that although California is beautiful, he would not want to live there because someday it is all going to be in the ocean. Then, during ICP, Adult Hermione told us brainwashing stories that were not really about brainwashing, and it was really only one story. So I actually just lied somewhat.

During ICP, I wrote Betty a very humorous note. I got it back, with a response from her, at lunch, after keying an 85-question standardized test twice. She is so funny. Then, Erik threw a little container of Reese's Pieces at me, and I caught it, but then when I threw it back at him, he couldn't catch it and instead it hit him. Also, I choked on an Advil and Pencil Case and Daf dissected the inside of my purse. And I attempted to con Pencil Case into things that involve him in drag.

Art was, as usual, the most eventful, thanks to the combination of Weird Kid and Pencil Case.

Weird Kid, to RR, who was out *ahem* with MM: He's a keeper.

Weird Kid: I do not match my boxers to my shirts!
Me: Yeah, but do you match your shirts to your boxers?

Yes, then Pencil Case was hitting Valley Girl Voice with with his ruler and they, along with Jenny, were making quite a bit of noise. I was laughing, and then Artsie Tartsie got all ticked off and sent us all back in the room for making too much noise. Note that she did not do the same for Weird Kid. Also somewhere in there, I talked back and got yelled at. Good times, good times. Some days, I really strongly dislike people.

So, right now, I am just hanging out, very very bored, and renewing my library books online like the big dork that I am.


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