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Last night was odd. Not funny-odd, but odd-odd, too odd to detail here. But, you know when something happens as a kid, a moment, and it just passes and you don't think it's a big deal, and you never really think about it again? You think that it was just that, a moment, not an event. And then, for whatever reason, you remember this moment and you realize it for what it actually was. It wasn't insignificant, but, rather, truly important, perhaps even that little second where everything changed. I realized that moment last night, out of nowhere, and it's strange. I couldn't remember the event if I put all my willpower into it, into figuring out when did this all change, but then, it just slips in when it's ready. And then you realize how significant little things can actually be.

Or maybe that's just me. Please consider that last night I had a dream involving people I hardly know, the tunnels in the school, hidden doughnuts, and Crush. Crush as in the soda and my actual crush. However, I just saw him for an instant, which is sad. Then me and the people I hardly know when traipsing about the tunnels with a magic key, and then we went to class, which was all wacky and screwed up.

Today in French, so funny, all we did was talk about the differences between Europe and America in the aspects of public transportation, recycling, and holidays. This is only because Pencil Case asked as many questions as humanly possible. Maggie and I now regret not asking about European toilet paper and if it is Wheat Thinny. Also, I can no longer think about a certain mispronunciation of the word graffiti without giggling.

Maggie, at least seven times: Because we put it in our big SUVs!

Kelsey, upon hearing that in Europe you only get one present for Christmas: Well, what's the point of being good if you only get one present?

Madame: In Europe, the kids write letters to Santa Claus.
Pencil Case: So do we!
Madame: But not just asking for stuff.
Pencil Case: Oh, so like, "Dear Santa, How's the Mrs.?"

Pencil Case: And you can decorate the shopping bags, right? You said that!
Madame: No, I didn't. He's making things up. He just talks.

Madame: And we'd go dancing.
Me: What?
Madame: You know, like a disco. Only for teenagers, though.
Pencil Case: Did you ever go to Studio 54?

I have also determined that I am supposed to be European. They do not have an Easter bunny, especially not the one at the Fox River Mall that has hugely frightening pink eyes, and they do not eat ham on Easter.

I still do not have a topic for my stupid English speech. And I hate public speaking. So I just looked at blogs and Moulin Rouge websites all of class. ICP, handing in stupid lab reports. I had 47% error. Which was kind of a relief, because, last night, the first time I did the math, I had 1627% error. In theology, we watched a videotape about Popey. To which I wanted to say, we get it, he's dead.

In lunch, Ariel and I vented about Mr. B-Squared. This was very funny. Then, after half-assedly filling out a service form, struggling with mental math, and trying to think of a very cool name to put down in the "agency" section, I was called "little writer" like it was a derogatory thing. (It was relating to my immense history vocabulary and how we shouldn't use me as a vocabulary standard for everyone else.) Also, I remembered something very funny that Madame said at lunch a few weeks ago about the whole SpongeBob SquarePants being-gay business: "He's a cartoon character. All cartoon characters have girly voices."

In math, we talked about porn. I am not even joking. I wanted to puke. Also, gross things were said in Art (where I actually accomplished something) that also made me want to puke. Now I am on my way to history. Yesterday in history, I was quizzed on my way-extensive knowledge of the Terri Schiavo case. Yay for current events (yes, I am a loser dork who likes current events, because I am also a loser dork who reads the paper every morning and reads about six papers on Sundays) and the CNN ticker and CoolAunt's random ramblings.

Go read the funniest story I've ever read about public transportation.


Blogger Magster babbled mindlessly...

I read the paper, and you know I repeat myself! I read the paper, you know I repeat myself! hehe jk! But we SHOULD have asked about the toilet paper! garg!

4:48 PM

Blogger Van Chelsing babbled mindlessly...

French yesterday was brilliant. It would be fun to spend more of our classes talking about the differences between America and France... I mean, Europe.

I say that since we're studying WWII in history, that we should sing "Springtime for Hitler" Mmm... The Producers. Gotta love it.

And Chelsea the Freight Train must be off to comment on other's blogs and take notes on Sextion 2 for History.

11:30 AM

Blogger Van Chelsing babbled mindlessly...

And I totally put "sextion" instead of "section." See, this is why it's a bad idea to have "x" and "c" right next to each other on the keyboard.

11:32 AM

Blogger Kellinka babbled mindlessly...

Oh my, you two are the funniest.

Maggie, someday we are going to go dork out, buy a bajillion newspapers some Sunday, and read them all like the dorks we are.

We should totally sing "Springtime for Hitler", ma Chellie, le train! And, yes, c and x together on the keyboard make some interesting typos. Sextion... ha ha ha.

2:04 PM


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