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Dull Day

Today has been extraordinarily dull, but I will re-cap it for you anyway.

You know that feeling when a lot of bad things are happening but you just don't care? You're just too tired, or tired of caring all the time? That is exactly what I feel like today. I am tired and I just do not care. It has constantly been on the verge of rain, which also lends itself to my very meh mood.

During French, we worked on dialogues. Ours is so, so fabulous. Also, Madame totally vandalized the paper case of Au Revoir, Les Enfants, which was funny, and we looked at all of Paul's school ID's. There seems to have been some Extreme Makeover thing going on between freshman and sophomore year, because he looks completely different. (I can only hope that the same will happen to me over the summer.)

English and ICP were pretty boring, except that I got 100 on my ICP quiz. It was very easy, as Adult Hermione promised, and I loved it dearly. Yay for easy quizzes and teachers taking pity on their vastly-less-intellectual students.

Theology... eh. Toe Touches hates me and wouldn't let me print out my essay. This is coming from a man who has obviously never used a word processing program that is deranged and refuses to double-space. Whatever.

Lunch will give you an idea of how boring school is. Betty and I are on scarily heightened Affair Watch. It is dreadfully humorous. We are such corrupt kids, but it is not like the school is supplying us with anything better to do. Seriously, this is how absolutely, god-awfully dull school gets (thank God for gossip):
Betty: You missed it! Kellie, it was so funny.
Me: Missed what?
Betty: She just, like, touched his head.
Me: Like how? Like this? [I place my hand on top of Betty's head like I am blessing her. This is what I'd pictured, at least.]
Vicky, laughing: No! But that would have been SO much funnier!
Betty: No, it was not like that. Jesus. It was more like this. [Betty demonstrates upon herself. This is also a very funny visual that I cannot even begin to explain.]

Yes, Betty and I have way too much fun being bored. It is really very unfair to the rest of the world.

Other than that, nothing really happened today. Pretty boring, as I said.


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