"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Captain and First Mate Obvious

Well, I am going to sum of my weekend of Cabaret Night fun in quotes, starting with set-up on Friday night. Maggie, Sarah, and I helped Senora G, which was insanity. Then Maggie, Chellie and I walked to Atlanta Bread to eat and hung out for about three bazillion hours, discussing our favorite topics, such as boys and adulthood.

Senora G: No pre-marital bunting!

Me: I am so tan on my legs, I look like a Mexican!
Me: I can't do that! I'm bad at manual labor!
Senora G: I thought you said you were a Mexican!

Senora G: Naughty balloons!

After my mom picked me up from Atlanta Bread, we went to B&N. At B&N, this woman was talking on her cell phone and sounded exactly like Madame, which freaked me out. Then I wanted to find a book about sociology, but noooo, everyone had to muck up the social sciences section, so I couldn't. However, I did buy Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri, which is quite good so far.

Saturday was Cabaret Night. During that time, I learned that I am going to bring back educator-chic by wearing my glasses on my head when I am not wearing them. This is a situation where everyone wins, because it also keeps my hair out of my face. I'm not going to sum up the other things, because everyone else has.

Afterward, Maggie, Chelsea, Emily, Mrs. R, and I went to a McDonald's for an emergency food stop for Emily. This also involved many hilarious quotes.

Emily: If your metabolism stops, you die! Your menstrual cycle, that's what stops when you hit menopause.

Mrs. R: What a butt!

Mrs. R: Be careful with your fries, I don't want any dead fries in my car. They smell bad.

On Sunday, church was actually worth it, because I sat by Betty and we gossiped. Also, Alyssa and Girly Laugh Boy and their family came over for about fifteen minutes and called me short. And it was the best night of television, with a very intense Desperate Housewives and a very cute Grey's Anatomy.

Me: Sometimes it is like, "Get a room, Captain and First Mate Obvious!"
Betty: Is there a First Mate Obvious?
Me: There is now.

Today has not been notable at all, except for the return of insomniac showgirl eyes! That's right! Pencil Case finished his artwork early, so he gets to do a scratch-art version of the insomniac showgirl eyes!

Also during French, Pencil Case stole the announcements from me. There was something about Big Brothers Big Sisters, and so he wrote in the margin "'I want to be a Big Sister, but I am too short!' -Kellinka". Thank you, Pencil Case. (As you can tell, it has been a great couple of days to be only 5'1".)

Adult Hermione was kind of insane in ICP today, talking about her love of loud music and hitting things on her shoes and taking quite a bit of delight in all of this.

For the record, Le Nature's orange-flavored Ice Water lies. It says it tastes like orange, but it does not at all. It tastes the same as water from the bubbler or the water cooler or the faucet. Feel free to disagree with me here. This is what happens when you buy water based upon the cute packaging, you get water that lies.


Anonymous Anonymous babbled mindlessly...

Dude you think orange le nature's water tasted bad, you should try their regular "ICE" water. Check out the article: Le Nature's Ice Water... or Arse Water?

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