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Auditions, a.k.a. Fun With My Bad Russian Accent

Auditions went fairly well last night, and they were fun with all the cool drama folks who are also too cool to go on the choir trip. I am going again tonight, probably, which will be a fun time.

Also, I got two poems into LitMag, a very exciting thing. They are, for your enjoyment, A Love Letter and Starving. Yessiree, Bob, I am magical. However, Pencil Case, during art gave me a large lecture about why I should have submitted Practical, because it is his favorite. He finds it very funny, and he also approves of Shift. I am only writing about this because I felt very cool discussing my writings with a peer and, evidently, I am just too pretentious to come out and say it. Anyway, I am incredibly excited.

French was good. Madame and I bickered like we often, by which I mean always, do. We did the same thing at lunch.
Me: Forget it! Never mind!
Madame: I'm neverminding already. [Goes on to think about it. Out loud.]
Me: I thought you said you were neverminding!
Madame: Well, now I want to think about it, because I see what you were saying.
Me: It is only a point back. I don't care that much.
Madame: Well, I am thinking about it. Just let me think.
[This goes on for another fifteen minutes until she finally gives me the point back.]

Also, we are now measuring Pencil Case's height in silver Sharpie on the door frame.

Evidently, we have a new Popey McPapalpants. This led Toe Touches into a seizure of excitement, so we spent 15 minutes sitting in the lawn of the school with his crappy radio trying to hear who it is.

Lunch was insanity. There was talk of uniforms. This aggravates me because I shuold not have to buy a whole new wardrobe just because the majority of the students in this school are too lazy to take off their North Face fleeces. Whatever, I probably should not talk because-- and this is between you and me-- I am not in dress code at the moment. That is right. I have no socks on.

Anyway, also at lunch, I had a spasm that led to French 2 not getting their quizzes corrected. Oops. That is not a big deal, however, because Madame is not happy with them anyway and spent most of lunch running around to find people. Therefore, I spent my lunch being hit by Erik's stomach, threatening to cut off his stomach if it hit me ever again, Betty thinking I was going to cut my head off, Betty having a spaz about Pencil Case's excellent pink shirt, accidentally taking Maggie's backpack (because we have the same one), and a large amount of Vicky spit. You probably, now that I have told you, did not want to know.

Art... I swear, Pencil Case is officially the funniest boy in the world. First, he was trying to mock the way Weird Boy was sitting, which caused him to unleash the loudest fart I have ever heard. This led to a lot of laughing and Mr. Blaney coming out and randomly asking me something about history. However, this time, he did not call me Kathleen, which is because he did not call me anything.

Now, one fart would have been enough, but this is Pencil Case. So, of course, fifteen minutes later, he pops out another fart, purposely, and this one is even louder. Also in this time period, he laughed and snorted hilariously. I swear, he is the most humorously juvenile boy I know.

During ICP, I made a list of all the things teachers have called me. I will post it here for your pleasure.
Random Names Teachers Have Called Me For No Apparent Reason
1. Kathleen (Mr. Blaney)
2. "I'm sorry... I know your name... I just don't remember it." (Mr. Blaney)
3. Yulia (Madame, on one of those random days when she feels like turning me Russian.)
4. Tatiana (Madame, on another one of those days.)
5. Callie (Cute Student Teacher, and about ninety-two other people.)
6. Katie (Just about everyone.)
7. Laurie (Cute Student Teacher.)
8. Julie (Cute Student Teacher.)

I think I am going to keep this list all through high school, because I'm quite sure I can accumulate a lot.

Found on Overheard in the Office:
Jet-Setting boss: I have to go to fucking Appleton, Wisconsin. Appleton, Wisconsin! What am I going to do there?
Secretary: Well, there's always cow-tipping.


Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

Well, I would just [fart] like to say that this [fart] entry was highly [fart] entertaining. Heeh. Art [fart] class...fun as [fart] usual. I still [fart] can't get over how funny [fart] weird kid was with his twisted [fart] legs.

See [fart] you tomorrow.

-[fart] Pencil Case.

5:35 PM


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