"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


What a Feeling!

A quick overview of the weekend's events: NDA girls basketball goes to semifinals, wins, that was Friday. Also on Friday, insanest bus ride home ever. Saturday, La Mere and I went to Mad-Town for the state final game with Mags and had a hilarious time. The team lost, but, ultimately, we won because we had Mexican for lunch and went shopping. We are bad fans. So, here is a list of the insane/hilarious things that happened.

  1. Maggie falling onto the floor FOUR times on the bus home on Friday. Once because she had to tell Bond he looked like the Unabomber, once because she thought a flimsy tray table would support the weight of her legs, and twice because... well... I'm not entirely sure what those were about.
  2. Me, to Nasty: Someone in my math class told me to ask you about your grandma.
    Bond: Oh, no no no. Don't even GO there. No. Just no.
    Nasty: I NEVER saw my grandma naked!
  3. Parking garage hell.
  4. Smoothie Mix Skittles! "I wonder where that word comes from, Skittle. Is it like scuttle?"
  5. "Is that a goose sculpture?"
  6. Circle of Truth conversation on the bus ride home.
  7. Extremely gross dog vomit and bizarre attempts to clean it up.
  8. Singing "Amazing Grace" on the bus home and being told to shut up: "You shut up! We're singing the good graces of God!"
  9. The creepy people at the game handing out Heaven or Hell brochures.

Yeah, it was pretty much the funniest weekend ever.

[On the way home from church today.]
Me: We do have really good wine. It's not like the wine at the Abbey. The wine at the Abbey tastes like motor oil.
La Mere, sarcastically: It's not wine, Kellinka. It's the Blood of Christ.
Me: Fine. The Blood of Christ at the Abbey tastes like motor oil.


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