"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


"Well, I Destroy Them."

Today in French, we were assigned a project to write ten sentences with a partner about this random picture in our textbooks. Maggie and I paired up, since Paul, Maggie's usual partner, and Chelsea, my usual partner, were both out sick. There was also a contest aspect, and whoever can come up with the most creative sentences gets a prize. Here is just a sample of the things the magnificent story invented by Kellie and Maggie involves: transexuals, long-lost fathers, CIA operatives, and bad fish. Also, we went off on long spasms of laughter, like when Maggie had an overload of L's, or when she kept singing gay puppet sex showtunes.

Then off to English, with the amazing two-hour-super brain kiddo paper. According to Madame, Poppa G says I am "a good kid". Anyway, that man makes me laugh so hard.

In ICP, we got our tests back and Adult Hermione let us in on how she disposes of our tests so that we don't copy them for next year's classes. "Well, I destroy them," she said, very calmly with an evil laugh.

Lunch was crazy. Madame sometimes just babbles, or asks a lot of questions, or says things that make no sense, and today was one of those days. Let's look at a few:

"Are you two on break-up?"

"I need to buy a T-shirt, so I'm going to go down to the School Store. (I give her a look.) You know, the book store? (Me: "Yes, I do know.") Well, then why are you looking at me like you're confused if you're not!?"

Pencil Case: Yeah, Spaz, everyone said that you had a great audition and that you were gipped out of a part in the musical.
Kelsey, sarcastically: Wellllll, gosh! Who's casting these musicals, they should be fired!
Me: Um, Kelsey? Pencil Case was in the musical. (Maniacal laughter.)

For some reason, I thought the math quiz was tomorrow. Despite that, I didn't do too bad, or at least, I hope not. Oh, no, never mind, I did really bad.

Ignoring that. Art was good, but there's no way I'm finishing my thingummy by the end of tomorrow's class. This has been a good study hall, too. Not too much noise, and I had no homework except for next period. Also, French II was in the lab next door and, for a bit, had locked Madame out of the room, which I found hysterical.

For some reason, it's weirder to think that this year's sophomores and juniors are going to be juniors and seniors next year than it is to think that our class is going to become sophomores. And the weirdest thought of all is that the seniors are leaving. Which brings me to the fact that I'm going to be the biggest crying slobby wuss at my own graduation and that I should really start buying stock in Kleenex for the whole of senior year. I'm already so attached to this place, imagine how bad it will be in three more years, and I'll have to leave this place, which is one of the first places I've ever met people I truly enjoy and appreciate.


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