"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Sonic the Hedgehog

Last night was greatly amusing. La Mere vented to me approximately eight thousand times and told me all the evil, terrible and mean nicknames she has for people at our church. I think that she and Mr. S come up with all of these while they are at dinners, because they are, you could say, easily distracted by opportunities to mock people they dislike. I believe Das Vater is also in on this, but he is not quite as witty as La Mere and Mr. S.

I also made delicious fudge brownies from a box. I am going to make them again soon for all my peeps to prove that I am really not as culinarily deficient as I have perhaps led them to believe. Also, Pencil Case, Mags, Chels, and I had a big discussion about CounterfeitMini.org, which is so strange because we could not tell if it was real or fake.

Today began terribly. I was about thirty seconds away from missing my bus with my hair looking like crap and no makeup on except Chap-Stick. I'm sure I only exponentially decayed in my physical attractiveness as the day went on, but enough shallowness. Then I get to school, buy my ticket for the state game and the bus down with Pencil Case. While we are in the office, we overhear that Madame is not going to be in today. Bitch, please.

So, Chelsea and I talk at her locker about how badly we don't want our sub to be French Frye for about fifteen minutes. Then I ask Frau to be our sub because she is about eight thousand times better than French Frye. She tells me to be nice, and then I sulk off to French class. Luckily, we had the best possible sub, Mrs. M. Unfortunately, we had, um, approximately 86 dozen million exercises. Anyway, then Chelsea and I noted the lack of French Frye for Frau afterward, and Frau said that doing lots of exercises puts hair on your chest.

I managed to get a 77% totally guessing on my English quiz today. I didn't read the selection, just skimmed it, and I still got a 77. Oh, and thank god for Poppa G's grading method. Adult Hermione made fun of Colin for being slow in ICP. Oh, and Erik is an ATM.

Today needs to be over faster. I wish the library kept copies of old yearbooks, I really could use a laugh at the expense of people's bad haircuts.


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