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How Would You Address a Search Committee?

The last day before break is usually fun. Usually means, when you are not preparing to get in a car for twenty-five hours to spend a week with your family in a place you've already gone a million times. Thankfully, we have a DVD player. So I'm just going to watch great cinematic opuses (opi?) like Mean Girls and Sleepless in Seattle the whole ride down. Joyness. I also made a kick-ass mix on Poddly for the ride.

So many tests today. French, English, and I have one next hour in history. However, despite the test, French managed to be random and exciting thanks to my subconscious.

Me: I dreamt that I was at Charles-de-Gaulle and everyone was speaking French. Except I understood them. I didn't even realize it wasn't English until I woke up.
Madame: That's exciting!
Me: Then I dreamt that I was going shopping for shoes to match my handbag.
Madame: Well, of course. You love your new handbag. It's kind of a turquoise color, and small, and it's kind of a crocodile print. You got it at TJ Maxx last week when you went shopping with your mom.
Me: Did I tell you all that?
Madame: Nope, I had a dream.
Me: Are you serious?
Madame: No.

Oh, also, Madame was totally confused by her self-evaluation so Frau came bursting into the room and causing a Fraulike disruption. Just kidding. Frau is the coolest. Then for some reason, I was asked about a million questions for the evaluation, until I pointed out that it was a self-evaluation. Not, however, before I looked at the comments and saw that Madame had put down, "I am foreign." That made me laugh for a really long time.

Then ICP. I didn't feel like working on the lab because I am afraid to find out my percentage of error. Some people had, like, 47% or something crazy like that. So Jackie and I "went to the bathroom", meaning we wandered the second floor hallway and talked to fun people and waved to Spanish classes. Jackie makes me laugh.

Lunch was funny. I matched up people who should be dancing together and told Maggie a good story involving Paul von Halverson, who I decided was the president of Germany at some point. This made her laugh for a very, very long time. Then we listened to jazz band, and Big Ben singing excellently "New York, New York." Somewhere in there, Madame came and did that thing where she beckons me like I'm in trouble but really just has a grammar question.

Madame: I'm writing a letter to a search committee and I need to know how to address them.
Me: What?
Madame: I mean, you wouldn't say "Dear Search Committee." Would you say "Honorable Search Committee?"
Me: I don't have a clue. Maybe "Honorable Members of the Search Committee" or something. (Pause.) What made you think I would know that?
Madame: Well, you're a writer!
Me: Yes, but it's not like I write letters to search committees.

Also at lunch, Maggie and I were going to dance but instead went to hang out with the Chelsea in the library. So much fun, especially when Maggie sneezed and I had to get her crappy tissuey Kleenex from the conference room because the good Kleenex was gone.

Yes, good times. But these good times were followed up by more good times in art with Pencil Case. That boy makes my day. Rocky and Bullwinkle and octopi and Copacabana. Then I was chastized for having fun and moved back to my real seat for about the fourth time this week. Oh, and somewhere in there, Cow and Barbie said several moronic things, but that is to be expected.

So, I leave for Florida tonight. I love you all and I'll blog when I get back to school on Monday if I have the time. Have a good spring break/Easter break/whatever it is you're doing next week. Wish me luck in maintaining my sanity, also.


Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

Have much fun in the Sunshine State. See you next week in French class.

-Pencil Case.

11:22 AM

Blogger Pencil Case babbled mindlessly...

Jesus, Kellie. Are you ever coming back? Oh, that's right, you are in the overrated Sunshine State. You know that I have never been there? Seriously. I was the deprived kid in elementary school that never went to Florida.

-Enclepa Aseca.

3:41 PM


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