"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Chilly Willy

Oh, my. What a day. First I go to French, of course, where it is absolutely insanely freezing. This is because the boiler broke and, as usual, the posessed window had opened in the middle of the night. Madame was all upset and so I got to proofread her very stern e-mail and then thanked me and wondered what she would do without my brilliant grammar skills. My partner in text-reading, Chelsea, came along for fear of feeling lonely, which is when this conversation occurred.
Madame: Yeah, I almost got a student discount until they asked to see my card!
Chelsea: You could have just mugged someone for one.
Madame: Yeah, I probably could have, but I didn't. I was 5 months pregnant at the time.
Me: That would have been amusing, though.

Off to English for the receiving of research papers: I got a 95! On a paper I threw together in two very, very stressful hours, after which I was just completely glad it was over, and all that got me a 95! I am obviously magical, like my sneezes, which people are so fascinated by. I should just sneeze and speed-write research papers for a living.

Adult Hermione was in a very nutty mood in ICP. She was proving things to us and talking about how much she enjoyed playing with mercury in her childhood, and then Weird Kid just pulled these random things out of his bag (I have no idea what to call them, because I don't want to call them balls despite that being what they were) and Adult Hermione said, "You know, I think I should probably report that to someone!" but was really just greatly amused.

In theology we talked about Homeward Bound and lunch was hilarious. Chelsea and Brianna and I talked about ice cream trucks, but then we got kicked out of the French room. However, I got to go back to administer a vocab quiz to Maggie, and then Madame made jokes at Maggie's expense, which made me laugh very, very hard. Then we talked about my "job" for next year. Also at lunch, Chelsea and I ran into Kayleigh! This was an exciting event. Chelsea "froze" her and I asked for her autograph totally randomly, and then we chatted it up a bit.

I've started keeping a personal journal again; I've been kind of lazy about that lately. All I ever write is fiction stuff and this blog; so last night I started recording my innermost personal thoughts so I can look back when I'm an adult and wonder what was wrong with me.

Urgh... last night... Honors Banquet. So unbelievably boring, albeit with very good brownies. Oh, and Girly Sweater being nutty with the fruit. First he wanted me to wear a pineapple top on his head, and then he took the orange halves and made a whole orange, after which he said to a random passerby, "Look! I made an orange! Half an orange plus half an orange equals one orange! I'm a scholar!" Also, I tried on Chelsea's shoes which were roughly 7 times the size of my feet and random waitresses popped out from the curtains and scared the bejesus out of me while I was walking in said shoes.

There is an issue of People magazine on the shelves in the library with the word SEX prominently displayed. With Bruce Willis, who I'd never personally thought the word SEX would accompany. And they got this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly, which I did not get yesterday-- thanks a lot, Postmaster General.


Blogger Wolfae babbled mindlessly...

ICP--garsh. Weird Boy (nice nick-name) kept crashing the balls together trying to make that crackling noise! GEEZ! Seriously, I don't know what that kid's problem is, but he needs a shrink.

8:24 PM

Blogger Wolfae babbled mindlessly...

Oh, I forgot, I love the note on the bottom: "typed up by the brilliantly fast typer kellinka" That is HOTT!

8:25 PM


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