"He'll sit there and go, Dipsy... Po... Dipsy... Po. I honestly don't think he knows colors. Just Teletubbies."


Chelsea's Ankle is Smoking Pot

The title of this was originally going to be Roxaboxen because I was just wondering if anyone but me remembered that book. Didn't think so. Other than Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and The Mitten, that was the book the librarian read to us in grade school the most.

Friday night, the Mags and the I went to the Chellie's for a Wallow Night. Good times. We laid on the floor in the dark, except for the heater that nearly burned my toes off, and sang "All I Ask of You", "All By Myself", "What Do You Do with a BA in English?", and "Wise Up", most notably. Then we watched Moulin Rouge, which was brilliant. I am actually going to go buy it at Target today so I can watch it on the way to Florida. Anyway, the smell of frosted animal crackers makes Maggie nauseous, and we're going to bring back disco. We also ate Fazoli's for dinner and I had at least seven breadsticks.

Saturday night, I didn't go to the dance like the loser I am, because I just didn't feel like it, and so instead I stayed home with La Mere and watched The Forgotten, which was fairly stupid. I didn't really like it, and not nearly as much as I'd expected to, considering how much I like both Julianne Moore and Dominic West. La Mere was deeply confused through the whole movie and I was just like, "Why is everything so blue?" I would not recommend this movie at all, every single scary part is in the trailer or is predictable.

Also on Saturday, I realized that my family is insane. We waited for eighty minutes at Texas Roadhouse. Willingly. Actually, everyone but me waited willingly. This is because I only like the hamburgers at Texas Roadhouse and did not want to wait eighty minutes for a tiny little hamburger. Plus, I hate the Roadhouse, and on top of all this, I had an allergy headache. La Mere and I ran to ShopKo for some ibuprofen and we saw a drunk man fall down, so we laughed at him. That was, however, the only good part, drunk falling man. We got there at 5:30 and didn't leave until after 8. All for a hamburger. I should have left and walked to Noodles and Company. Then, finally, after all this, La Mere realizes we could have called ahead. Which is a good idea, except that their "call ahead" is BS because you still get there and have to wait forever. Geez.

Five days until I leave for Florida, and, holy crap do I not want to go.


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